Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pow Chavez

Basic Information


JOINT Rhythm Section (Jumbo "BoJam" de Belen, Yujin Geronimo, Alwyn Villaruel, Paul Bergola)

Q City!

A rebellious musician who's all about ENERGY and PASSION.

is a unique, “titanium-faced”, talented person you won’t see everyday. Pow is UNIQUE,
because she...yes, SHE, is a total “head-turner,” as Pow personally admits, how people always
wonder of which gender she belongs, especially when she performs on stage. People hear this
wonderful voice, only to find a masculine figure singing in front of them.
“Titanium-faced” is another description, as this art sports a “permanent bling-bling” on
her left face, when she braved a “mugging” incident, being shot behind her left ear two weeks
before her birthday in February 2004, never losing consciousness and being able to get back
home after only six days. This is how strong and determined a person she is, ready to face
everything that is given to her.
TALENTED--this being is oozing with talent, proven by the various roles she play in a day.
A “paddler” by dawn (training with the UP Dragonboat Team), an “interior designer” by day, and a
“musical artist” by night, where you either find her performing (in bars or events) or in the studio,
writing songs with her co-artists and producers.
All these prove that you can never go wrong having her around as your artist. Pow is very
much involved in her craft, MUSIC. Learning the basics of the guitar, the piano and the drums
(by herself) even the basics in sound system (for playing with her band since college days), you
can always be sure that she knows and she’s ceratin of what she does.
Starting off as a kid singing power ballads and being introduced to various genres by her
family, she has evolved to this artist who have found what suits her best. Aside from the emotional
love songs, she found her place in R&B, Hip-Hop and party music. Thanks to her band, JOINT, (where
people started noticing her) and the production studio, Flipmusic where she is affiliated. With these,
Pow has learned not only to sing better, but also “rap” some lines, whether a cover song or an original,
even dance along with them assuring everyone that they will indeed have a blast because of this artist’s
These things Pow is armed with has brought her to higher grounds. Joining then ABC5’s (now TV5)
first and only PHILIPPINE IDOL IN 2006, hosted by Ryan Agoncillo, where she was picked by judges,
“Mr.C,” Ryan Cayabyab, “Asia’s Queenof Song,” Ms. Pilita Corrales, and “The Master Rapper”
Francis Magalona, she was a ‘favorite’, landing 5th among 40,000 hopefuls, with the most memorable exit
in the show as people fell into tears when she was eliminated, giving her a mark that most people still
remember to this day. This is an achievement yet to be augmented.
In her pursuit to go further, and spread the music and her talent to more people, Pow is ready to
undergo anything until she reaches her goal of becoming an ICON in the industry, who, in the future, has
left a wonderful legacy, most especially to Filipino music.

Artists We Also Like
Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake, Ne-yo, Usher, The Beat Shop, The Beat Shop Artists, BoJam,
Mainly influenced by R&B, Pop, Soul, Hip-hop, Funk, Dance music...
Band Interests
"Moving people with the music we make."

Phobia - Pow Chavez

Questions - Pow Chavez

"BIGLANG LIKO" by Ron Henley ft. Pow Chavez

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