Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Juan Thugs

Juan Thugs

Inozent One
Blingzy One
187 Mobstaz

I been trying to find Juan Thugs artist profile and I can't see one? fo real?

Anyways the first time I seen Juan thugs I smiled, im thinking of a BONE THUGS
Rip-off, then I tried listening to their song the whole day; I was like listening to crazy bone and bizzy bone doing Tagalog verse! They turn me into a fan in one day. Listening to their songs makes me say "tang *na ang galing nito ah"

This duo is the one responsible for the hit track "MOMAY" don't tell you haven't heard that one yet! It should be a theme song of some sort haha I would be best if the song were played during inuman session.

I personally enjoy listening to this duo, they have nice tracks and yeah their songs have sense! Listen to "Salamat patawad", "pano kaya", "nanay" & "bakit ngayon ka lang"


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