Top 10 Pinoy Hiphop Artist

last month (June) nag post ako ng status with this above picture for 2 weeks asking everyone who's your top 10 pinoy hiphop artist. i might say im disappointed with the number of votes since wala pa atang 100 ang nag vote but im more that happy with the results and to be fair with all these artist i never include my own vote.
(the original plan is to make Pinoy hiphop top 100, pero kung top 10 palang i have trouble asking for votes i can't make that top 100 into reality anyways...)

wag na tayo magpaligoy ligoy let's see kung sino ang mga binoto nyo in Pinoy Hiphop Artist top 10 :-)

Number 10 is Tie

Number 10: J Skeelz 
 representing 187 Mobstaz isa na ata sa pinaka kilalang 187 artist si sir J Skeelz,
aka Roberto Boy Paos na tila mas lalong sumikat sa kanyang pakikipag palitan ng kanta sa 
alam nyo na kung sino :-) it helps him and he grows from that beef, he became more creative and 
his style is top notch Tondo should be very proud.

Number 10
Number 10: Mastaplann

it's no wonder why the legendary Masta plann is in the list
infact the real shocker is why they were at number 10 spot.
they have done everything that any pinoy hiphop artist dream, you know platinum status albums,
concert and classic songs the Trueasiatic tribe will never be forgotten.

Number 9 is also tie

Number 9: Don G

in this modern day of Pinoy hiphop its so hard to stand out since halos lahat na nga styles ay nagamit na or nagawa na since The Golden age of pinoy hiphop even to it’s next period but sir Don-G manage to deliver a style that seems to be his own, he surprisingly revive gangsta rap that was popularized by Death ThreatHis ABAKADA track proves how creative he can and
 more likely when I think about gangsta rap these days I think of sir Don-G.

Number 9
Number 9: Denmark

sir Denmark is one of the Pioneers of Pinoy Hiphop and one of the most respected in the game,  I remember singing “Wag ka muna mag asawa” way back then and that was on the peak of “Humanap ka ng panget” at “Maganda ang Piliin” for me that was like a slap to both artist LOL, but that doesn’t make sir Denmark thick, he may not be the fastest rapper one can hear but he’s story telling is what makes him best, known for his adventures when he meet “Louningning” then the rest is history, not to mention his he is the leader of the new breed of artist with his Blind Rhyme Production.


Number 8: Death Threat

Death Threat the legendary and pioneer Gangsta Rap group, compose of MCs O.G. Beware, Genezide, Hi-Jakkk, O-Dogg, Gloc-9, Konflick, Phat-L, Dyablo, Sir Scratch and Radical M.K. & the only English speaking artist in the group M.E.N.A.C.E.

way back Death threat (for what I believe) is the only gangsta rap on the mainstream and everyone knows and can relate to their hit song “gusto kong bumaet” that 1 track alone makes this legendary group renowned. 


Number 7: D-coy

Sir D-coy is probably one of the most treasured Pinoy artist in the hip hop scene why?
Because this guy is more on quality music known for his serious and creative lyrics sir
D-coy can make you proud that your listening to Pinoy Hip hop, he became one of the most respected rapper in the hip hop scene. He was a member of the group Madd Poets back in 1995.

Dcoy is the first to produced a Compilation Album merged Tagalog and English rap "REKOGNIZE LOOB AT LABAS" under Warner Music Phil. yr.2000 ... His First Solo Album entitled "PLASTIC AGE" Octoarts EMI 2001.. Dcoy also produced the first kid rapper in the philippines, Aikee "Ang Bawat Bata" Alpha Records 2003.. After that another Compilation Album "ICED OUT" THE MADDWORLD FILES released by EMI MUSIC 2005..

In 2009 The local hip hop scene witnessed the launched of W1KA RECORDS in the Philippines founded by Dcoy and Ms.Snapper ..

The foundation of Wika Records occured in 2009. The label's title came from D-coy's 2nd sophomore Album "W1KA The Black Katipunero Album". It took him awhile to marinate his 2nd Album because of all the changes and state of the music industry; He wanted to make sure his 2nd Solo Album is a Classic; But despite of all that Dcoy remained and was Awarded "The Most Promising Artist in Asia" - Junk Magazine Awards (Malaysia), "Best Rap Artist" -Awit Awards (Ph), "Best Music Video of The Year"-PMPC Star Awards for MusicPh), "Gold-Best Hip Hop/Urban Solo"- AVIMA Music Awards (Asia Voice Independent Awards- Malaysia),
Philippine representative at The First Asian Hip Hop Festival Bangkok,Thailand (Opening Act for Nas), 2011 The New Ambassador for Peace (Office of the President Advocacy for Peace)...

Number 6: Mike Swift

sir Mike Swift is Director, writer, author with the extraordinary aura, travelmatic type explorer, the brain behind of KONEKTADO and TO THE BILLBOARD movement, some are too literal about what TO THE BILLBOARD means (nope hindi lang ito pagkakaroon ng billboard sa edsa period) but as a dream chaser as sir Mike Swift TO THE BILLBOARD is dreaming big and aiming high, he set sights on making Pinoy hiphop too Big that we can even fill up the whole araneta with his Araneta dreams, it sounds impossible! I know but with dreamers and believers on his sides I know we can make those selfless dream possible. as long as were KONEKTADO! got the word play?


Number 5: Mike Kosa

before I used to separate English speaking emcees with Tagalog speaking emcees and in my mind I was thinking those two will never combined, but when I heard rappers like Krazykyle & Nathan J have a collabo with sir Mike Kosa that makes me think whoa that’s unusual, that makes him (Mike Kosa) break the barrier that I so created (in my mind) and when your as good as that without losing your own style that makes you extraordinary. 187 mobstaz number 1 soldier can makes me bounce like there’s no tomorrow lol but yeah he deserve this spot.


Number 4: Loonie

Loonie is one half on the duo Stick Figgas a group that receives a lot of respect in the hiphop scene together with Ron Henley. He is also The King of Fliptop as the fans usually utter, best known from his creative lyrics and funny & superb punch lines sir Loonie has given us so many lines to remember, “ibang klase parang kabilang classroom”, “Para kang dagang kosta sa kulungan ng gutom na cobra”, “hininga ko ay apoy, hininga mo’y amoy boy bawang” any many more, no one won’t forget those Fliptop battles he have. Marami rin naniniwala na sya ang susunod sa yapak ni sir Francis M and Gloc-9 and if he does make it that big no one will be in doubt. 


Number 3: Andrew E

most considered as King of Pinoy Hiphop sir Andrew E is no doubt one of the most loved emcee in the game, best known from his hit “Humanap ka ng pangetThe combination of his catchy story-telling rap style, irresistible beats, naughty and often hilarious lyrics made him popular & unique in Philippine pop culture a style that became publicaly his own, that boost his popularity. He is also a Record Producer, Dongalowreckords CEO, Fedex WSC Director, Dongalo Clothing President, and Movie actor.

In the Filipino rap scene, Andrew has largely contributed to the growth and popularity of rap, furthermore by introducing a freestyle battle competition which gave aspiring rappers a shot at record deals He also notably collaborated with Sharon Cuneta, Willie Revillame, Regine Velasquez, Francis M., Carlos Agassi, Death Threat, Salbakuta, Dongalo artists, Famous DJ's DJ COKI of Wowowee, movie actresses such as Maricel Soriano,Nanette Medved,Charlene Gonzalez,Vina Morales,Sheryl Cruz,Gellie De Belen, Donita Rose, Rica Peralejo.

let’s make it simple when you think about Pinoy Hiphop there’s no way you won’t think about Andrew E.


Number 2: Gloc -9 

sino bang favorite mong hiphop artist Gloc-9!!! Gloc-9!!!Gloc-9!!!

probably the torch bearer of mainstream pinoy hiphop, sir Gloc 9 became one of the most famous emcee in this generation, he’s an Awit Award-winning Filipino rapper. His fast-flowing vocal style has made him one of the most successful hip-hop artists in the Philippines. He has won the award for Best Rap Artist at the Philippine Hip-Hop Music Awards for three consecutive years (2005–2007

he is one of the most recognize hiphop emcee today and always bring a quality pinoy hiphop music up to date. No wonder he got the no.2 spot from hiphop fans.


Number 1: Francis M

ofcourse the number 1 Pinoy Hiphop Artist is known as FrancisM, Master Rapper, MC The Mouth and The Man From Manila, was a Filipino rapper, entrepreneur, songwriter, producer, actor, director, and photographer. Often hailed as the "King of Pinoy Rap"

he was the first Filipino rapper in the Philippines to cross over to the mainstream. He is also credited for having pioneered the merging of rap with Pinoy rock, becoming a significant influence to artists in that genre as well. 

The award's citation noted that it had been given “for his musical and artistic brilliance, his deep faith in the Filipino and his sense of national pride that continue to inspire us.

sir Kiko is innovator, a true patriot, classy and he put the bar so high the everyone consider him as a KING and even though he passed away those passion, those contribution and those inspiration will never fade away. Long live sir Kiko no one should be number 1 than you.