Friday, July 22, 2011

People's Future

Genre : Hip-Hop
Members : Verb, Gap, JedLi
Hometown : TL Massive/ Vito Crew
Record Label : Dope Love Records (subsidiary label of Locked Down Entertainment)


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Peoples Future

What does anyone really know about hiphop music in the Philippines? Some might even strive to prove that no such thing exists. Nevertheless, you put together an equation like beat genius/hiphop quotable MC Jed Kenneth Caba aka JedLi, lyrical patriot Brian Aldin Pascual aka Verb, soft-spoken, but thought-provoking mc Christian Michael Saldaña aka GAP and what do you get? A hiphop motley crue indeed. But more so, hiphop in refreshing forms that are also somehow reminiscent of its days of inception. 
About two years deep, they have just released their debut album Headlines Issue#1 (many more issues to come), which features artists such as: Marquiss, God’s Will, ILL-J, Verse1 & Monique on the beat stylings of JedLi. Their songs are chapters from their respective lives and experiences. As Verb would disclose “It’s all about keeping it right and keeping it real.” Their first single, “On the Grind” expresses the struggle and hustle of working to get by on a daily basis (safe to say a topic that anyone can relate to) while creating pure recall with their chant-like chorus. Conversely, their follow-up single featuring Monique of 7 Shots of Wisdom titled "This Girl, That Lady" is a light jazz fusion that allows them to express love for the ladies in their lives - not just love interests, but even a mother!

Undoubtedly, this album will very well shake the industry with multi-talent and it will give people an idea of what this group can bring to the table. It will serve as a lesson for all the typecast views towards hiphop. Audiences will not only learn about hiphop, but they will learn how hiphop has absolutely no limitations.

*PF has done major annual shows such as: DMC Finals, The Philippine Annual Hip hop Awards, Rock da Riles, Fete de la Musique, etc. as well as regular gigs at Saguijo, B-Side, Mag:Net, et al.
*They released an EP titled Kinabukasan last May, 2009
*They launched their debut album Headlines Issue#1 late 2009
*They have been featured in print (Pulp, Fudge, etc.), on radio (Wave 89.1, RX93.1,& Max103.5) and on TV (Abs-Cbn Music Uplate Live, et al.)
*Their video single "On the Grind" will soon air on all music channels

JedLi: “Peoples Future will be making albums for years to come & hopefully we’ll be content with the outcome that it’ll keep our drive alive. Also we dream that music of the Locked Down family will break so many barriers & stereotypes that we could reach international listeners as well.

GAP: “Our ultimate goal is to show the real beauty of music and poetry through hip-hop to everybody, especially those whose minds are clogged by that stereotypical image of hip-hop… and it wouldn’t hurt to get rich in the process! Ahaaa!” 

Verb: “We hope to help bring back that Original Pinoy Hip Hop Music.”

Current Location 
Manila, Philippines; Earth

General Manager 
Monique Jaramillo-Seneres

Booking Agent 
Agee Domantay/Nicole Abille

Press Contact 

Artists We Also Like 
those who are true and original!

good music, good people, good food, and all the bad things in the world.

Band Interests 
tawanan! =) 
& laughing! =]*

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