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Pamilia Dimagiba


The hip-hop collective known as Pamilia D. (or P.D. to others) is widely recognized as Manila’s premier hardcore rap group. Pamila D. is composed of several MCs (Young Galaxy, 8th Messenger, KD the Encyclopedik, Shadowblyde, Mad Frick,) and award-winning music producer/director DJ Arbie Won aka the Beatraveler. Aside from being part of the boom of local Skate scene in the late 90’s, and being independent since 1997, the 6-man crew from Manila gained instant respect and recognition when they released their landmark EP Broke-N-Unsigned.

Broke-N-Unsigned was the spearhead release of the group, as each emcee delivered rough, unpolished aggressive lines, and to their credit, birthed them into the hip-hop scene of the P.I. From there many artists requested for a Pamilia D. collaboration on their albums: El Latino(UNIVERSAL RECORDS), Legit Misfitz (EMI), Urban Flow(0CTO ARTS), Fung Zoi(UNIVERSAL), DFT and spots in the United Freestyles Vol. 2 and WARNER MUSIC’S REkOGNIZE compilation.

The year 2000 brought forth another EP release from Pamilia D. in the form of Dra*Manila. More conceptual based than Broke-N-Unsigned but more fluid and musically ripe for newer listeners, that release eventually declared Pamila D. as a legitimate hip-hop crew, while most groups dont even see the day of light past their debut albums.Pamilia D. has set forth on releasing their first full-length album called “THE RESISTANCE”.

In a fledging music industry that refuses any sort of risks, Pamilia D. refuses to stand still and let the powers that be initiate some sort of change. Instead of riding on the usual gimmicks, Pamilia D. has set forth on releasing their first full-length album called “THE RESISTANCE”. Backed again by DJ Arbie and a rejuvenated sense of urgency, this third release seems to be what the hip-hop scene has been lacking for the past five years. A testament of longevity, passion and street credibility, THE RESISTANCE will be the launch pad for the group and even securing each MC with a solo venture. Unlike Dra*Manila where experimentation pushed them to their limits, the group returns to the familiar sound they are renown for, the spiritual, wisdom, street knowledge gumbo we call hip-hop. To many, The Resistance will push Pamila D’s career further than just cult status but to Olympian heights as the premier hardcore hip-hop crew to make some noise, by any means necessary.


In 1997, the hardcore Filipino rap group Pamilia Dimagiba released their groundbreaking album Broke-N-Unsigned on Tenement Records, marking the re-emergence of the conscious emcee in Pinoy rap.The raw seven-track, politically minded album was a breath of fresh air at the time; as Pinoy rap during the era had taken a more hardcore, gangster persona. Known for their coarse lyrics, serious subject matter complemented by heavy beats fused within traditional Filipino folk music; the camp's records by the names of "Duelo", "Manila's Finest", "Reality Hurtz" and "Brainstorming" among others were largely in essence a throwback to the early, nationalistic. inspired days of the genre.[11]


2007 - The Resistance album to be released nationwide Nov. 2007

- Video Launch of “Larangan” The first single Nov. 2007

-Album launching “The Resistance” Nov. 2007

2006 -released “Lords of War” Mixed CD

-collaborated on the “Community album” (Independent)

2005 - toured Japan to promote the United Freestyles 2 album

2004 -“Built to last” song from the United Freestyles v2. album (XAX Music Japan)

2001 -“Weather report” from FUNGZHOI album (Universal records)

2000 -“Paradise Found” Recognize compilation (Warner Music)

-“Dra*Manila” the 2nd EP released

-“Rezbak” Urban Flow album (Octo-EMI)

1999 -contributed a track for El Latino (Universal Records)

1997 -“Broke and Unsigned 1st EP released.

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LARANGAN-Pamilia Dimagiba

DUELO SA 'PONO-pamilia dimagiba


  1. a blessed morning guys. My name is Mr. Ferdinand Dimagiba from Malolos City Bulacan. We will be having a Dimagiba Clan Grand Reunion this coming May 14, 2017. I just want to ask a little information about your group Pamila Dimagiba? is it related to our clan. We are honored kung meron po. Thank you and God be with all guys!

    1. search nyo warren vera sa fb sr isa sya pioneer member nyan