Thursday, October 12, 2017

Loob ng Kabaong *ALBUM REVIEW

Im not into star rating, I've been listening to this album for a week now
by the title itself you expect some horrocore type tracks, but to my surprise
tama si sir Rap Dela Fuente this project is a soul food and can change lives,
it can change people opinion in some ways, i love how sir Apoc stay true
to the old school hiphop, the vibe, the story telling it is a element
i miss in a rap album and these days story telling are mostly love songs
this one beg to differ, there a track that will question your spiritual faith that's not
for close minded people, "Taong Mesiyas", there's a track that will teach you lessons
 like that "Sensitibo" track, na maraming lines that will stand out
even if there's no beat in there. lines like:

"pag tinawag kang panget, magkaka cancer kb?
pag tinawag kang hayop, magiging hamster kb?
sinabihang mabaho magiging tae ka ba? Hindi, diba?
okey ka lang? kaya sa makatuwid O.A ka lang"

and there's this track about stereo typing rappers the mentality
of being one. The main point of is MC who have wrong perceptions
or false ideas of what should an artist should look like or act like.

but my main favorite track are both "Wala akong pake" & "Husgado"
not only it is a different style from what i expect but it is a
style that hits me in my head, the catchy beat and hook
makes me a instant fan, plus the lines 
are so good like: 
"Wala akong obligasyong paligayahin kayo"

while Husgado is a good story telling at it's finest, it's clever
the delivery, the style it is something you should hear,
it kinda remind me of a track from a famous local rapper
but this one if different in a sense that 
it also teaches us lesson, i like the story telling that starts with
"Ang nasasakdal..." then kung sino man un, then the story
progress, it tell you how almost everyone normally is a judgemental,
and by the end of each verse it shows us that most of us judge people
in a wrong way, the 3rd verse na ang nasasakdal ay tayong lahat na mismo

i love the line
"ako nga ay mas gago pa,
sapagkat hinuhusgahan ko kayo,
sa pagiging mapanghusga"

this album surprise in a sense that, it is not something i don't expect,
it's dark but it's true, it's dark but it's straight to the point,
the content are well written, it's old school, there's lesson, there's story telling
the are other tracks are good too walang tapon, it is well produce,
to make it short it is something you should buy and listen. 

KUDOS Sir Apoc! thanks for allowing me to hear this.
can't wait to someday share your track,
it makes me excited to your next installment.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Pinaz Lowridaz - Bike Wars III

I remember attending this event, so i was trying to check if i was in the video? :-)
#Bike Wars III

thanks for sharing sir Cj Huavas

Tama Na Yan, Halika Na (T.H) - Leslie x FloyD x Imeh

nag aaway ba kayo? this track is so smooth
enjoy kids

dope one PantryDroppaz! Kudoz

DownTown Sippin - Ives Presko, Zyme, Pok'Chop, and XienHow prod YC Lopez

there are new tracks on the ManilaFornia youtube channel
that you can enjoy. Isa lang to sa maraming bago
have time to listen. 

check their channel here:

Hindi Biro - KJah (Official Audio)

***KJAH - KAMAO NG KANKALOO EP LAUNCH OCTOBER 21, 2017*** P100 w/ free album, Yaw's Bar, Novaliches, QC.


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Projekt Stealth "Hiphop the good work" Album Review

Currently enjoying Projekt Stealth's "Hiphop the good work" album,
somehow this album reminds me of Madd Poets,
im not sure if the group inspired by them,
(and im not a fan of comparison, but i mean this in the good way) 
because the feel and the vibe was there, specially the track Araw araw
which i believe a sample hook I've heard from the classic group,
this album is a perfect mix of New/Old school and in this Millennial era
it is so nice to hear an album like this again as it brings hiphop to it's roots, 
Projekt Stealth knows how to do hooks specially the "Pabalik" track
which makes me remember how i love local rap in the first place,
my current favorite is the "Wasak" track, i don't know
there's something there, maybe because of semi horrorcore type
that's different from the rest of the album. 
Is this album worth your money? Hell yes!!! Grab it when i came out.

Special shout our to sir Stephen Luigi for allowing me to hear this album.