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7 shots of wisdom

7 shots of wisdom

Mickey Marquez (Nathan J)
Harry Javier (Pyro)
Phillip Mallilin
Kimberly Fabros
PJ Sales
Monique Jaramillo-Seneres
Mario Bebing
Mave Dizon
Record Label:
Independent (formerly Vibestation, emi & elan music)

Seven Shots started back in 1994, a time when hip-hop was not as popular as other music genres here in the Philippines . Mickey Marques and Harry Javier and four other individuals got together and formed the group (but back then the name of the group was Phalanx-a Greek name meaning front line army). Their group played pure, straight-up underground hip-hop with 4 mics and 2 turn tables, with hopes that they too would share the limelight and music, much as so with Masta Plann, Francis M., Andrew E. and other hip-hop names at that blew up in that era. Listening to the music of Dr. Dre, Wu Tang Clan, Tribe called quest, Nas, TuPac, LL Cool J, Run DMC and Rakim, which were their heroes lead them on to create their own style of music. As years went by changes in the groups with regards to their members and their music evolvement lead them to what we know now as Seven Shots of Wisdom. In March of 1997, members Harry, Mario and Mickey wanted to try to fuse melodies in their rap compositions. Thus Phillip Mallillin, a friend of Harry, sang in one of their songs entitled “Summer Time” which was never released, and three months later Mickey was introduced to Kim Fabros who sang to him at a sari-sari store and was taken away by her singing prowess. One thing lead to another, songs after songs were created, and eventually they became apart of the group and finally they found their musical identity which was R&B and Hip-hop.

They were eventually discovered and signed by Mr. Lino “Boom” Dayupay of the group named KULAY under his own independent label”Vibestation Records”. Mr. Dayupay took them under his wing and helped them hone their craft. And in November 1998 they released their album”Lifted” with their carrier single”Who’s got the Funk?” distributed by BMG Pilipinas. This was shortly after the death of KULAY member Jeanne Oakman. They did shows in every club, school, TV, radio, and shows in every part of the country (Please see list for reference) which lead them to be nominated in the 1999 Awit Awards Best Rap Group and Best Dance Category, and won Best Rap Performance at the 1999 Katha Awards. And the year after that, they were nominated as Best New Artist in the First 2000 MTV Phil. Awards. Also in the same year they released their first ever video for the first single”Who’s got the Funk”.
Seven Shots from 2001 up to present:

After a period of time Seven Shots shone the limelight to make way for their studies, work, and family, but still doing’ some shows on the side. And in 2002 they decided to come back and record their 2 nd album under the management of Radha (former member of KULAY) and Mike Tinsay under the record label Bigdogg Records. They also added new members to their roster, PJ Sales, a friend of Harry J. who can sing R&B and Monique Jaramillo who stood out when Seven Shots held an audition for a new girl singer, which turned out that Monique can also rap to boot.

It took them a year to finish the album, with producers Dan Gil of Soundminds, Ryan Armamento of SVC, and San Francisco Bay Area’s Rapper/Producer Paul Sirate who came back to the Philippines to release his own album, all worked together to create Seven Shots sophomore album called”Love and Hate” under the distribution of EMI Phils. Their recent shows were made possible by working with the company who brought the game sensation called”RAGNAROK”, Level-up Inc. who believed so much in the group they took them to their promotional shows everywhere. With level-up’s new release of a new game expansion”War of the Emperium” Seven Shots and Paul Sirate (aka P.K.S.O.) wrote the song”Step inside the Game” as its main theme song. Other shows to mention: regular gigs in Dish Rockwell and Club V in Amorsolo. Soon to be released is their second video and single called “All I want” which was directed by one of the local pioneers of hip-hop Mr. Francis Magalona. They also made it to front act to one of the world’s premiere Hip-hop acts”BlackEyedPeas” who popularized the songs”Where is the Love”,”Shut Up” and”Hey Mama” this by far is one of the most proud moments of their careers.

With a bight future ahead of them and with talks of an upcoming third album, Seven Shots will still stop at nothing to represent the music and culture that they’ve grown with and embraced.

For Bookings please call or look for Kooky Tuason or Kim @ +639205749870 or +639193058113. Peace!!!


7 Shots Of Wisdom - Tonight Your Mine 

All I Want -7 Shots of Wisdom feat. Pikaso 

Summertime 7shots of wisdom 

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