Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"HINDI KA NAG IISA" by: Q-York ft. Yeng Constantino

Q-york is always about good music, quality ones indeed
and now with Yeng Constatino? this one is classik

Director: Cristhian Escolano
Assistant Director: Mark Ginolos
Cameras: Marco Gatchalian, Mark Ginolos, Edrex Sanchez
Editor: Cristhian Escolano
Colorist: Aron Escolano, Yeong Yuan
Gaffer: Karlo Ayson
Make-up Artists: OWen Sarmiento, Jelly Eugenio
Hairstylist: Aries Manal
Stylists: Em Millan, Soleil Angeles
Producers: KM Productions, Homeworkz, Q-York, DonVonz

Special Thanks to:, RnB King Jay R, HomeWorkz Music, DonVonz, Justin Garrido, Arnold Alagar, Ed De Guzman, Leia Castaneda 

Bautusta, Trisha Trish, City of Iloilo, Mayor Rene Cordero of Estancia, Governor Arthur Defensor Sr. of Iloilo, Engineer Noli of Estancia, Star 

Records, Cornerstone Talent Management, Ms. Marien Lopez, Bloody Rhymez Productions. 

Hindi Ka Nag-iisa
C. Bonjoc - J. Palma - Y. Constantino
Produced by Flava Matikz for Q-York Edutainment
Mixed by Flava Matikz for Q-York Edutainment
Lyrics written by Knowa Lazarus for Q-York Edutainment & Yeng Constantino
Additional Lyrics by Chano
Recorded at the Q-Lab

Hindi ka nagiisa, hindi ka nagiisa, hindi ka nagiisaaaaaa
Pag napupuno ng luha
At di ka makakita
Hindi ka nagiisa
Pag di ka makaahon
Natatangay ng alon
Hindi ka nagiisa

I can't imagine what you are going through everyday
Living in a world where your invisible peoe just pass you by
I done the same i couldn't face it the pain was too great
Forget the fame let's make a change before it's too late yeah!
I know it's tough but it ain't your fault so don't give up
Wish I could hug you all but my arms just ain't long enough
So small but yet so strong
Your smiles where we belong
I might be taller than you
But I look up to you

Sa gitna ng dilim lalong magliliwanag
Piliting durugin hindi ka matitinag
Hindi ka nagiisaaaaaa
Hindi ka nagiisa,hindi ka nagiisa,hindi ka nagiisa

When I look in your eyes there's hope alive
The world will try don't let it die
Humankind ain't always kind
I believe that you can rise
Above all the madness
On this planet
And when all else fails
Just imagine
Yourself in a better place
Your the next generation
This song we dedicate to all the children
Every daughter and son
There once was a flower that grew from the from the rubble just like you
So beautiful under the moon
In the dark the flower still bloomed

Pag di mo na kayang lakbayin ba't di mo subukang liparin
Ang Musikang magdadala sa ihip ng 'yong hangin
(With the wind)
Meron kang pakpak,maglayag, pumalakpak

Hindi ka nagiisa
(You're not alone)
hindi ka nagiisa, 
(You're not alone)
hindi ka nagiisaaaaaa.
(Come on!)
Hindi ka nagiisa, hindi ka nagiisa, hindi ka nagiisaaaaaaa
Hindi ka nagiisa, hindi ka nagiisa, hindi ka nagiisaaaaaaa

Pa putok ng liwanag
Dios ang tumawag
Bagong sulo
Sayo ibahahawak
Kapit ka lang
Di pa mahahamak
Sumugod lang saloob may panatag
Saloob may panatag

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