Tuesday, March 25, 2014


so today we wanna know? where is sir I'll-J of Sun Valley Crew...
para sa mga new school hiphop fans let me introduce the SVC

SVC (Sun Valley Crew)

Sun Valley Crew started in 1995. It was formed by Ryan Armamento ( Rye ) and Joseph Papa (Puff A-J). A year after, they met Ryan Ventura (Slimm) and RJ SeƱeres (Ill-J) who, at that time, were part of their own group, Phreak Phunktion. The guys hooked up and started recording SVC’s self-titled debut album, under Universal Records.


and i have a chance to get some info's from sir I'LL-J
read below:

PHS: Can you give us a little preview of your career & things you currently up to?

I'll J: I am the President and CEO of the OFW Family Club, a Non Government Organization helping distressed OFWs and families. The OFW Family Club is also an accredited Party List where I sit as President and my Dad, Roy V. Seneres Sr sits as Congressman representing OFWs and families in Congress. My job is to spearhead the help for distressed OFWs through welfare and legal assistance and to assist our Congressman in crafting legislation for the protection of OFWs and families.

I am 100% focused on my job/calling as head of the OFW Family Club and I am also focused being a husband to my wonderful wife Monique and a Father to two amazing kids, Kiana and Brandon.

PHS: your best contribution to the hiphop community?

I'll J: My best contribution/s to the hip hop community are SVC albums, self titled, Reality Check A New Beginning, Its All Natural, and my two solo albums namely The Journey and Logic For Reason.

PHS: any plans of coming back? or other future hiphop related project?

I'll J: I do dream of coming back but my time in meeting and helping distressed OFWs eats up most if my time for now. I still want to improve on my work and be the best I can be at it. If I feel I reached that point, then maybe I can shift my focus back to music. But until then, my calling leads me to this current path that I'm in.

PHS: your opinion on the current state of local hiphop?

I'll J: The current state of hip hop is strong evidenced by Flip Top, Urban Pinas Radio, Pinoy Hip Hop Superstar and similar pages in FB and different Social Media sites, endless talent, endless music. I am a fan of a bunch of guys like Gloc 9, Bambu, Uprising, Flip Top Battle MCs, Loonie, just to name a few.

one of personal favorite track of sir I'LL-J is his collaboration
with D-coy & 2tay to that United Freestyle track "TAKEN IN" below

so there you have it, not only a dope emcee, a very devoted family man but also
a dedicated Congressman that is willing to help others, indeed someone to look up to. 

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