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From the breezy asphalt hills of San Francisco to the maddening streets of Manila comes a gem of an artist poised to elevate hip hop and R&B to an exciting new level. Loosen your necktie, kick off your spiked heels and turn up the volume, ladies and gents. It’s time to ease down, chill and embrace the stroke of genius that is Pikaso. Born and bred in the US, Pikaso is pure Pinoy talent oozing with passion, poetry and lyrical optimism. This versatile rapper, composer and producer boasts of an impressive resume of local and international performances and a string of noteworthy collaborations with homegrown and foreign artists. To date, Pikaso has penned and produced hits for Francis M., Regine Velasquez, Nina, Kyla, Seven Shots, Pharcyde, Terror Squad, Q-Bert and a host of hip-hop, R&B and pop artists. He also emceed the hottest assembly of local hip-hop and R&B artists at the 2004 Fete dela Musique and opened for the Black Eyed Peas and was chosen to be the only opening act for beyonce on tour in Manila. Aside from recording, Pikaso dabbles in film, advertising and interactive media, having produced music for the motion picture “The Debut” and Sony Play Station’s Knockout Kings 2002. He has also written, produced and performed on the soundtrack of the massive multiplayer phenomenon Ragnarok. Growing up in a household where music is a staple, Pikaso wields an arsenal of eclectic musical influences like rock, soul, jazz and country to add character and depth to his hip-hop and R&B sound. He began bobbing to hip-hop beats when was b-boying (break dancing) back in his teens. Soon, he was rapping with a local DJ group and producing tracks alongside DJ Q Bert, Mix Master Mike and Apollo. In 1993, he was one of the founders of the West Coast Rock Steady Crew, which got him international notice. And after 15 years of making music abroad, he brings his signature hip-hop sound to the Philippines in 2001. His efforts culminate into his slick, sly and engaging debut solo album “Portrait of a Masterpiece.” Then followed by “Baynila Mix Cd”, “Gemini” and now the upcoming album “So Fresh”. Pikaso describes his music as an “…audio interpretation of his thoughts, feeling and experiences” accumulated over the years of coming to grips with his Filipino roots while living in the US. He expresses his appreciation for his shared heritage through tracks performed in English laced with potent Filipino verses and a special song done in the native tongue lovingly dedicated to his parents. Though he admits that the local hip-hop scene is still struggling for mainstream acceptance, he aspires to contribute music that will ease its growing pains. As a nod to his Filipino and American identity, he hopes to make music that can bridge the continental gap. “I’m a Filipino artist but I also want to make good music that can be shared and appreciated by Filipino and American audiences,” says Pikaso. “Don’t be scared to do what you’re about,” he adds. Pikaso is also a recipient of 5 awards from the 1st,2nd, 3rd, & 4th Philippine Hip-Hop awards.. Pikaso is also a budding entrepreneur starting his own clothing co called “TURF” which he designs himself. ARTISTS WORKED WITH OR PRODUCED: SUBMARINE FUNK, KNT, HIDDEN MASTERS, ISLAND WRITERZ, 2B, SAMOENDS, SAN QUINN, FULLY LOADED, WILLIE HEN, LOST SOULS, 6TH SENSE, DIRTY UNDERGROUND, ASYLUM DYNASTY, 7SHOTS, FRANCISM, NINA, KYLA, REGINE VELASQUEZ, IYA, GLOC9, TERROR SQUAD, MOBBSTAR, BORED STIFF AND MANY MORE. PEFORMANCES: GAVIN MUSIC SEMINAR SF, NEW MUSIC SEMINAR NYC, BBOY SUMMIT LA, ROCKSTEADY ANNIVERSARY NYC, LEGEND OF THE DANCE JAPAN, BBOY MASTERS PRO AM MIAMI, HAWAII, DRUNKEN MUNKEY SHOW TAIWAN, BLACK EYED PEAS CONCERT PHILIPPINES, JAH RULE CONCERT PHILIPPINES, MTV SUMMIT PHILIPPINES AND MANY MORE.. ALBUMS RELEASED: KNT, SUBMARINE FUNK (LIVIN IN THE FREE), HIDDEN MASTERS, WESTERN EDITION COMPILATION, PIKASO (PORTRAIT OF A MASTAPIECE), BAYNILA MIX CD, GEMINI.

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"Tignan mo"
"Reach for the stars"

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