Sunday, March 20, 2011



"I'm an underground internet rapper and 
I'm PROUD of it!"

AKA: Yansumi 
Memorable Song: "Maguindanao Massacre"

Philosophy: " I will write and rap about what I really feel and about my real opinion on what's happening around me and my country" My songs are my diaries. Every song is a glimpse of my past 

Hi, Ive been making music around 2005 or 2006, I think (lol Im not sure) but officially started at b12 productions last 2007. It all started as an experiment and my music then was really in low quality (beginner). I was able to make somewhat "meaningful" songs around 2008. My cypher video's were recorded because a friend opened a cypher contest on facebook and i tried my luck in joining the cypher contest. Most of my songs (in Tagalog/Filipino language) talk about current news and events here. It was my passion for music and dedicacy who helped me create lyrics and verses. I just write what I really feel and think regarding certain issues. Im not after money making or popularity that's why I really dont give a damn bout those haters. 

Words of wisdom: "Wag mo akong ikumpara sa iba, ang istilo ko at istilo nila ay magkaiba. Bawat rapper ay magkakaiba. RESPETO sa bawat artist ang pangunahing solusyon upang matigil ang Diss at bangayan."


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