Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hakbang *Event Photos

Remeber the Hakbang Poster i've post before?
the Laguna clan event :-) i was personally invited by sir Angel Boga
sadly di ako nakapunta (ano bang ginagawa ko) anyways he allows 
me to grab any photos and post it here and he also inform me
that he print the PHS card i made for him and make it a shirt ASTIG!!!

mstyle, koponan ni monggz, bobby yo, playaz production, teekaz of 8th district, wine g, dudely jab, dugong bughaw, pwersa ng pandacan at syempre ke sir mike swift, j-hon at konektado allstars are all in the building.

supportado ng konektado

the crowd

Nice shirt :-) 

Puting Kalabaw is in the building

Teekaz of 8th District yo!

Sir Mike? hehe

Bobby yo on stage

free CD's :-)

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