Sunday, January 9, 2011

1st of the month - Live

Gotta watch my back see for niggas that's tryin' to rob me, fool
But never no shorts no losses
Dumpin' keepin' this niggas up off me see
Gotta search the whole block
Spend a couple of bills
Thugs smoke a lot of weed on the 1st

Wake up, wake up, wake up it's the 1st of tha month
To get up, get up, get up so cash your checks and get up

[Layzie (Krayzie)]
Wakin' up feelin' buzzed off up early mornin' stretchin'
I'm yawnin' lightweight bent chugga lugga take a fifth to the dome
Instead I kick it with my trues
But it's the 1st so I'm getting my hustle on
Hop on the phone, calling up Krayzie Bone
Wanna know did you O.G check come? (She put me down)
Imma hop on the bus with Biz (Yo Brother let's get drunk)
And I'm coming with blunt after blunt
Of this skunk
Nigga T just put me down
Oh God how I love when the 1st come around
Now I'm feelin' black and mild, headed cross town
Cuz niggas the 1st to get celebrated
Rushin' to the block cuz I wanna get faded
Lookin' all wild cuz I'm getting me hair braided
We heavy off into this game
True to the 1st just call me that pro slang
Them nickels and dimes and 20's and 50's
The 1st be the day for the dopeman
Slangin' that cocaine fool, and I'm working late tonight
And all them fiends be lovin' them thugs
Cuz I got them rocks for them pipes
Come come with them ease
I gotta get paid on the 1st, gotta blaze up my spliff
Get live with the Bone Thugs, Poetic Hustlas in the graveyard shift
On the 1st

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