Sunday, January 9, 2011

East 999 - Live

Them Cleveland hustlaz neva no bustaz thug to the heart
We niggas from the land fool, and the old school,
Just serve out ya sentence and be cool
Fuckin' wid Trues rest in peace
My little nigga Ripster stress that Bone luv
Smokin' on bud, cause ah nigga Mo Thug
Callin' up my niggas when it's time to nut up
In the 9-9 niggas gon' drop to the number 1 wid ya gun so run run
Cleveland is the city where ah nigga come from
Slangin' them dum dum dum dums

[Verse 2: Krayzie Bone]

Niggas it's going down, up in the C-Town
Get 'em up wid the thug and the nigga wid the bud, got the fifth rose,
For the niggas that close hit 'em up wid the forty reasons
Nigga roll up the buddah,
Smoke it all up nigga don't stiff on the reefer
Mo runnin' up outta the club wid this
Plus I got hydro and this shit is creeper creeper
Strip as you hear the double glock glock
Widda me rocks cocked sweatin' me bad,
Coppers betta drop when the gunshots pop glock top
Hit the body and the bullshit stop
Wheneva them troublin' us,
Where the po-po niggas roll solo split up and swerve
Krayzie take caution,
Take out my llelo and tossed it
Send 'em in the road to the curb
Running, ducking, jumping,
Up in the land my niggas is craaazy,
Me slangin' wid nuff 'n me bang on the block
And nigga this daaaily,
Who the nigga wid the 12-guage (Pump)
Mr.Sawed-Off Leatherface so you betta pray
Eternally thugsta,
East nine-teen nine-ty nine

* all these videos were taken by my bestfriend
thanks homie!!! you know who you are.

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