Wednesday, October 1, 2014

SO RANDOM INTERVIEW with Danielle Jane (DJ) Redondo

Im became a fan of her when i saw her in BIKEWARS
i have no idea who she was and what she do, till i have a chance
to get her name and do some research, after having a little conversation
with her i became more of a fan, definitely she's not just about good looks
so what have we discuss? read below:

PHS: What is your profession young lady?

DJ: Im an undergrad of BSA ( accountancy ) tho my frst course was Advanced medicine ( what i really love ) Im planning to shift to tourism next sem tho and transfer to a different university.. Mejo magulo ako ngaun all i know is i have to finish my studies nlng
My baby's studying nadin kasi 

PHS: Accountancy to medicine to tourism? those courses are not even related to one another.

DJ: Ikr hahaha. Well when i took my exam sa dlsu before.. 3 choices na nilagay ko dun 1st - human biology 2nd accountancy and 3rd psychology. Luckily i passed naman the exams so pde ko take any dun sa 3 courses

I dreamt of being a surgeon tlga kasi.. Pero i love numbers thats why may accountancy dun.. Then nung tinake ko accountancy ngayon .. Sobrang konti lng ung computation stuff most people use calculators pa nga sa easy problems.. 

Di ko enjoy business courses so un
Tourism naman. I like the course din tlga pero kasi gusto ng family ko before na yung may licensure exam 

PHS: So with all this how did you enter this modeling thingy?
you have a baby but you never look like your  a mom, so tourism kn tlg?
etong modeling career mo how did it start? do you remember the first time?
Do you remember how did they ask you?

DJ: Well i really wanna model.. Kid palang ako idol ko na yung mga nawawatch ko n nagraramp pero im a lil short sa height 5'4" lng ako kasi..
Tapos may ngng friend ako dito s village namin na may mga kilalang photogs
We went dun sa hin7 sa moa nagikot kami dun then there were group of guys n nagpapic aun they thought i was a model s event Dun nadin nagstart, And yah go na ko s tourism hahaha i know magulo and parang inikot ko lahat ng Departments s university lol

PHS: It's insane, trying all those things that you want. So they thought that your a model and bigla mo nalang naisip na i try? o someone ask you to do it? the first time i was saw u ay nung bike wars, and you have some tattoos, papano ka naman naging mahilig sa mga ganito?

DJ: Nooo we went there tlga para maintroduce ako ng friend ko s mga photog friends nia din  so ok naman Got my frst tat when i was 17 then got addicted to it Tho d ako mshado makalabas ng tats coz s family ko aun.

PHS: How long are you doing some modeling?

DJ:2nd event ko lang ung bike wars  june lng ako nagstart So 3 months 

PHS: WOW REALLY so really new

DJ: Yup haha hopefully mgng ok career

PHS: Do you some memorable experience sa mga events or worst experience? can you share with us?

DJ: Every event for me is memorable naman kasi  kahit same lang na carshow halos pero its with the people you work with and sa crowd Plus ung photogs na nkakatuwa kasi pag nakikita n nila ako they know me na. 

I think ung una nila naremember tlga kasi ung hair ko lol
Worst experience? So far wala naman If ever magkakaron naman i wont mind coz thats just how life is di naman pwedeng lagi perfect

PHS: That's nice and i do support your career pero how to manage? i mean all things, studying, career and family

DJ: I honestly dont know how to answer that one since, Parang go with the flow naman ako
As long as Im happy with what in doing kasi no pressure

Plus yung family ko naman is here to help me out sa kid ko and sa ibang stuff.. People who believes in what I do and what I can do dun ko siguro nkkuha strength ko. I dont overthink lng din siguro .

PHS: Wow that's nice, positive attitude makes you look younger i think

DJ:Yahp  thank you, And. I hope so lels

PHS: I know that you don't over think but do you have any future plans? and how do you see your self in 5 years to 10 years?

DJ: 5 years hopefully done with my studies  go parin sa modeling ( i'm really enjoying it ) 10 years sana may own business nadin big girl na yung baby ko nun i need to save funds for her future whatever course she wants to take. And maybe a family of my own nadin 

PHS: Own??? what you mean?

DJ: There will come a time that i have to settle down din with someone Coz im a single mom

PHS: Oh??? WHY???

DJ: Tho i have a boyfriend now and im glad that he's close with my kid

PHS: i see that's nice it's cool to know that such guys exist

DJ: Wla didnt work out lang its aryt  he's my boyfie since high school we lived together for almost 5 yrs . Called it off last year langBut he somehow supports the kid

PHS: Di rin nakakapag taka because it's you

DJ: Yes and he's very supportive with what i do . Unlike the ex hhhmmmm mej gave up alot
Of things for him

PHS: But everything's are okey now

DJ:Yes im happy and contented with the people around me I just wanna be successful lang sa career not for my own sake but for my kid and my family ( mom , grandparents etc...)

PHS: To wrap it up, where can we get a chance to see you?
gig's or any event that you attend to?

DJ: Awww thats cool  thank you so much.This octo 4 ill have a photoshoot sa morning then event s night

DJ: Yea definitely :$ I have 2 other admins there minsan ngppost sila

PHS: we can see your future gig to your fan page?

DJ: yea definitely :$ I have 2 other admins there minsan ngppost sila

PHS: Lastly do you have any words for you followers?

DJ: Cool  thankyyy Hmmm followers?? Nkakahiya naman yun di naman ako sikat id rather call them friends nalang  thanks for supporting me sa events and hope we could take more selfies ahahaa

PHS: Your so down to earth and very positive nakaka tuwa.
and give your shout outs to anyone.

DJ: Shout out to my uber supportive sexy mom " I love you and thanks for the never ending allowance lol ".. to my uber supportive boyfriend Serge Mata thank you soooo much for trusting me enough with this career super thank you for helping me pag hassle maghanap ng suot ko sa events and sa patience pag sumasama ka i love you baby! Plus serge's sister Gianna!! Thanks for helping out sa pagfix ng hair ko and sa love! Naks! Hahaha sa photogs and co-models! I cant name lahat but thank you super coz if wala kayo i wouldnt enjoy this career that im in

Shempre sayo mr anonymous blogger hahaha thank you for patiently reading my super long replies hahaha and for having interest in. Knowing me better

Single mom and proud? Still studying
and having a career as a model? everything about
her seems amazing to me, plus we talk like it's not
our first time to talk, very down to earth and stunning
who wouldn't want to know her. It's nice and i felt
 lucky that i have a chance. -PHS

Note: all pictures belongs to her fan page
and to the respective photographers.


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  2. Salute to independent women. Powerful and yet sexy

  3. She was my textmate when she was still in highschool, approximately 6 years ago.
    Even at that time, I find her amazing and really cool.