Friday, April 8, 2011


at ist rapping was all just a hobby for me ,,
started at out rapping 06 .. idolizing undergound
cats like Mike Kosa and mainstream monster T Pain ..
my ist internet song break out was Ikaw ft Shilo of Taong Gago *Sandamukal Rec*
it was just a remix but the responce was overwhelming that i decided
i can make people listen..

so then on forth i never look back
colab after colabs i hit back and forth
sa sobrang dami ng colab i was making 4 songs in 3 days .. hahah

then i was recruited as one of the pionering members of 10 ESPADA JAPAN

after that i lay low for a while gotta hustle for work then
when i came back got recruited with BF PRO with the help
Nazz , Amon , and Payazzo . things were looking good
weve made so many tracks di ko na lam kung ilan ..release a Mixtape,,
and Dongalo Rap Awards 2 came
pass some demo . with BFPRO and walla! , we won

The best rep song category. Feeling Rapper (Nazz , K-PEYN)
and on that same rap awards i got features from
Sayadd , 13 throw Sign , Lil John and all of these cats won too!.
haha what are da odds? you tell me?. .

since then . i been feature on so many tracks with all this cats . i gotta mention
them all for respect.

Scan aka Kalibre, Young One, Masta G, SkiPP, Lil Yong , ThugRhyme
Lil Jhon , 13 throw Sign ,Classic Love,Tiny MOntana , BoneSiraulo
Dello of Skwaterhaws , St Michael of Skwaterhaws,Nazz , Amon , Payazzo of BFPRO
811 family , Michael Solido , Curse One , Bolin of Babala Records, Sayadd,
A Hustla , Bebe Riz ,Little Thug of Santiago Crew , K - Soul , JC of Gods PLan
Yan e , Con , Naughty Dawg , Rap Biznezz , Yozo, DhonMez and Jackpot of ESPADA PRO
sana nailista ko lahat !! .
and currently making a Mixtape with a 2 tracks feature from my Idol Mike Kosa
all i can say is dreams do come through! if we just pursue on it!
I hope i can do this as long as i can

Currently on Murderin Souljaz roster
Murderin Pro

K - P E Y N

Mixtape tracks on streaming

track no 2 Sundalo ng Tondo Ft Mike Kosa
track no 3 Alak Pera Puta ft Tiny Montana / Bone Sira ULo
track no 4 Baby ft K - S O U L
track no 5 Para lang sayo ft Skipp
track no 6 -----
track no 7 -----
track no 8 ------


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  2. syempre kpeyn yan wehh kapatid,kumpare kasangga at kalikaw ng bituka!hehehe isangdaang bagsak ng mabangis para sa kanya!....payaso,payazzo o epok na lang hahaha!pare lupet mo yun lang hehehe!