Monday, January 24, 2011


Difty Fuckin Teenagers

Yella Fella
mc-dreamer known now as dj jam torres

Time Goes by so fast.. and yes it is another Old Skool Fridays for all the heads.. C No Ba ? not asking you guys a question..that is the Debut Album from D.F.T. or Dance Floor Terrorist..An early 90's group that is composed of Twisted Tounge, Boo-G & mc-dreamer Who released their debut album in 1995.. The album consists of 8 tracks and majority of the tracks can be similar to Andrew E. & 2 Live Crew's Style..but the notable tracks on the album are.."Girls Sa Parañaque" that (if im not mistaken) features Norman B of Bass Rhyme as the Human Beatbox...And another One is "Batang Lansangan" which is the only Serious Track on this Album, But since we want you to have some fun here's the title track of this album.. C No Ba ? Enjoy !!!

source:soulsonictv blogs

D.F.T - C-Noba? (sinong umutot)

DFT sabihin mo sa ate mo!!!! 

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  1. Long Live dft!

    If you do not like bad words, you better take this damn tape out!!!