Friday, May 6, 2011



Rap / Hip-Hop
Rjay - Richard Ty Jr.
Abra - Raymond Abracosa
Alex - Alexander Omiunu
Pasay / Pasig / Makati
Record Label   
FlipMusic / Independent
Lyrically Deranged Poets - Awarded as the Best Urban Group in the 2010 Urban Music Awards For bookings, shows and guestings, MOBILE # Contact 09064206812 -Joe EMAIL LDPeace!!
The Lyrically Deranged Poets (also known as LDP) has significantly bridged the gap between underground and mainstream hip-hop in the Philippines. The group specializes in creating music that combines clever lyricism, influential subject matters, catchy choruses and exhilarating beats. Composed of three members (Rjay, Abra and Alex), each emcee has a distinct style which easily complements one another and produces good music that appeals to a wide variety of listeners. No other hip-hop group...could blend English and Tagalog lyrics as good as LDP.

Because of their musical uniqueness, LDP has established itself as one of the most prominent hip-hop acts in the Philippines. The group has independently made a name for itself in the underground scene, and has gained the respect even of those of different musical genres. Since 2007, the group has performed alongside top-notch acts such as The Philippine Allstars, Loonie, the Out of Body Special and Sandwich, to name a few.

Upon releasing their debut album (The Project) in 2009, LDP has made their way through several radio interviews and numerous shows, until stepping inside the legendary Music Museum for their first ever concert entitled Defense, which showcased the best of the best in Filipino hip-hop. Since then, the group has ventured into mass media: releasing hit songs on the radio (with their original song “Simple” topping in Wave 89.1’s charts), and being interviewed on different radio stations such as Wave 89.1, RX 93.1, Magic 89.9, U92 and NU rock.

One of LDP’s members, Abra, who participates in the rap battle league FlipTop has YouTube views that have acquired millions of views and counting. The group itself has music videos on YouTube that have reached a total more than a million views. Taking a further step forward, LDP was able to perform on some television shows such as Party Pilipinas, and has released one of their music videos (Here to Own It) on Myx. Their fame has also paved the way for them to perform in various fairs and parties of schools such as UST, UP, DLSU, CSB, UA&P, San Juan de Dios and Colegio San Agustin.

In the 2010 and 2011 Urban Music Awards, LDP received nominations such as Best New Artist, Best Urban Group and Best Original Song, taking home the Best Urban Group award for two consecutive years. The production of LDP’s music is spearheaded by the powerhouse production team, FlipMusic, which has produced countless OPM hits and has helped many artists break into mainstream music.

The Lyrically Deranged Poets craft their music in a creative and critical way, believing that hip-hop music can go beyond its stereotypical state and tackle themes and topics that are of personal and social relevance. Being the group to beat in the hip-hop scene, LDP always attempts to go beyond the standards of their compelling musical art form, and sees to it that they would be able to influence listeners in one way or another.

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