Friday, May 16, 2014

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: Where is Snapper?

First things first! who is SNAP?
Snapper's spectacle of her ability to merge her passions into her work.Her imagination perplexing street fashion and music...From Hip Hop Culture to Asian fashion,her fetish, love for fashion and music began early. Growing up in the city of angels Los Angeles,California. In the mid 90's she was receptive of the whole party scene and distinguish different crews wich portray unconventional attire,influenced by the entire westcoast gangsta rap music she fell in love with Hip Hop.

Queen bee of the hive. Don’t let her looks deceive you, she can bust a nut on the mic and represents the Oriental gee style.
This Hip Hop heroine astound the local hip hop scene with her class and style rhyming her way to the top. She will soon ascent in the Hip Hop scene with her anticipated solo album as Official Wika's First Lady she made her mark on Pinoy Hip Hop.


Mizz Snapper indeed have a bright future in local hiphop
way back when she was active, she's beautiful, have the needed talent,
and a total package but all of a sudden she's nowhere to be found.

so what happen to her? what is she up to lately?
luckily were able to get some answers from mizz Snapper herself.

oh btw before we start anything listen to her track first:(below)

PHS: Can you give us a little preview of your career? and the things you currently up to?

Snapper: As of now I'm currently busy with family business and very hands on with my 1 yr old babyboy .. Little preview of the said career (in the music industry?) I never really released an album although I was getting deals and a lot of offer from label exec. But I was told to wait.. For the perfect time..  I was active for 4yrs in the local scene pushing a movement that I believed in before.. Trynna help people who believe in their talent and skills..

PHS: Your best contribution to the hiphop community?

Snapper: I'm not going to be a hypocrite and claim I did so much for the scene when there's so many heads out there who struggles everyday to put the local scene in a prominent spot in the music industry .. Seriously, hands down to everyone who is consistent day in and day out ..

PHS: Any plans of coming back? or other future hiphop related project?

Snapper:  I always get messages from rappers/producers to do a collabo or produce a collabo album.. Hey you never know right.. I might get my fire back ..

PHS: Opinion on the current state of local hiphop?

Snapper: All I can say is that having the opportunity now to be outside the circle  to actually hear other peoples opinion about certain things made me realize a lot.. The problem with local scene before if your stuck in a camp you only hear the opinion of that camp you know what I'm sayin.. Although now I've seen a lot of changes .. The Local Scene can make it if the "hate" is less.. They should empower one another .. The local scene is like a sleepin dragon it's just a matter of time ..

yet again before we end it listen to her other track with MC Dash (below)

i know mizz Snapper personally  as i met her before and share some words with her
and she is indeed beautiful, talented and very and i mean VERY
down to earth lady, no matter what road she takes
i know things will be successful to everything
(being femcee, modeling, or having her own business name it)
but does hiphop miss her? HELL YEAH ofcourse :-) - PHS

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