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Isa sa mga hardest working femcee on the underground scene is Jozza Rhymez,
just incase you never know her, she's been doing alot for the community
ever since she join, once's started as a underground femcee, and now doing
events and promoting many projects, i can't help but notice
the dedication she have to the hiphop scene. And how do i know these things?
She became a personal friend.. Not being bias or anything
swerte parin to be able to get some words from her although she's have a tight schedule.
So what have we discuss? read below:

PHS: so kamusta kana Ms. Jozza? Anong mga bago mo ngayon

Jozza: Oki kamusta si Jozza Rhymez.. Eto po ok naman. Bc and blessed from all the things that are coming our way 

PHS: anong mga latest sayo ngayon? Are you into doing an album, or organizing events? I’ve known you from sometime and I can honestly say you’re one of the hard working few from the business.

Jozza: Ahh, yes... Were currently workin in a TV Reality show with Qyork. That would be aired on an intl cable channel and in Guam. Were also workin on the music vid of Salbakuta'S GRABE KA track.. And Bobby SKy's D7 band's "Kailan kaya" and a new Music Video for Covenant’s 2nd Album Featuring DX Rhyme from New York.
BloodyRhymez TV Production was also chosen to cater the TOH commercial for Wave 891 so we are very happy to that J

Izz of Q-York Edutainment featured me on his Track “Kanto Style” which we just finished shooting the music video and will soon be watch hopefully in myx too.

As for events. Were continuing the benefit events.. Our latest will be the LAPIS AT PAPEL benefit concert. We are workin hand and hand with our dear friends from the music industry in different genres as well as with the 2 leading online radio station together with some sponsors. LAPIS AT PAPEL is a benefit concert where u can just give some school supplies to get in. Proceeds will be going to Caritas Foundation.

We’re also workin for the Covenant’s Bar Tour this June & July.

I’m also a Promoter of Battle of the Beats Philippines Now. Thanks to ate Chill & Sam.

My Music on Deliver, MOD Family in Japan is about to release our Mixtape. They actually sponsored my Gym expenses and hopefully matuloy yung Japan Tour with MOD on Sept As for my album... yes.. I’m actually workin on it.. My album TRANSITION is under Q-York. That wud hopefully be out of the kitchen by October.

PHS: So that's a lot under your belt ha, how do you manage your time?

Jozza: Oo nga ehh.. I always wish na sana di lang 24 ang iras na meron sa isang araw but then again im so thankful na nagagawa ko oa din lagat ng paisa isa

PHS: it's really nice to have someone as dedicated as you, i remember you from that freestyle wall batter before ginulat mo pako nun but now your are in everything and you been dealing with the pioneers now so how it feels like working with the legends like boss Chill and other big names from the business?

Jozza: Well ako din... I never thot I'd be like this. Im a big fan of hiphop and everything on it.

Speaking of ate Chill. She's my mentor for real. She really guides me in everything I do. She even made me a part of the upcoming season of Battle of the Beats Phils. We'll promote it soon.Im thankful to all the hiphop pioneers for trusting me and giving value on what im doing in the scene.. This really means a lot to me., This guys are my inspiration & idol for real.

PHS: it's nice that your not just new school hiphop you also learn or tried to love the old school. sa tingin mo is the blending of oldschool hiphop and new school are possible? maraming new school kasi wala tlagang alam sa pinag mulan at walang concern...

Jozza: Im a 90's baby & I love oldschool hiphop. It’s the grass roots of the industry that we are keeping alive right now. And yeah ofcourse I believe that the unity & blending of the oldschool and us newschool will make this industry stronger. Im not saying I do know everything about the history but for me its just a matter of passion. Commitment and all love in this culture. 

PHS: anong opinion mo for the current state of hiphop?

Jozza: Opinion ok.. I can see that everybody's tryna make their own movement. Different ideas. Different perceptions. That for me is the reason why we are being heard. As per my own observation, we are being heard (filipino hiphop music) but ofcourse we shud not forget that hip hop specially to our dear pioneers is a sacred culture and lifestyle that cant be re-face.

PHS: well said ms jozza, so any final words sa mga up and coming artist who will be joining the community soon? any tips for them?

Jozza: Omg... To everybody who loves Hiphop, continue loving the lifestyle and the culture. Continue being a fan. Do not expect. Coz as long as u love it and u have the passion on it, it will for sure take u on wherever u wanna be.

PHS: pls feel free to include your shout outs 
oh btw thank you miss. jozza classmate 

Jozza: Thanks for this interview classmate! I feel akward that I think I don’t deserve this kinda Interiew thingy hehe. Sanay ako na ako nag iinterview. Hehe.Pinoy HipHop Superstar played a real big role in this scene. Youre one of the reason why everybody got connected. You inspires us. The artists the fans and everybody who loves HipHop. Thankyou so much!

I also wud like to thank ofcourse the people whos been with me since day1..DOMINO. MY BROWNHUZTLAZ FAM. BLEED. BROWN PRO MUSIC. SB MUSIC. MANILA ALLSTAR. SAD BOYS.Thanks also To Ate Jug, 2tay, To Turf Ent. To NDM Studios.To Sam Rhansum & ate CHILLIE CHILL whos always been there to guide me. To train me. To orient me, apprciating everything in me and loving me. To Jayvizz & my whole MOD family. To DjLVS & SoulCentral TV & Magazine. To my TUNAY APPAREL Family. To my BloodyRhymez Family. To my AztigFm & BidaFm Family. TO, To Wave891,

To my QYORk & COVENANT brothers whos also a part on making my dreams come true. To all the Friends and ofcourse how can I forget the haters who keeps on reminding me that im doing great and pushing me not to stop on what I do.

I may forget to include some  names but u guys know who u are. THANK YA'LL SO MUCH..!!

for her dedication, efforts, and TRANSITION
Local hiphop is blessed to have one Jozza Rhymez.


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