Tuesday, July 30, 2013

DID YOU KNOW??? part1

as promise today is the Anniversary of PHS, i gathers some facts to
local emcess, producers, beat maker sadly konti lang nakuha ko,
i know after these some artist will give me their own trivias, anyways
enjoy what i gather so far :D

at dahil konti, i added some trivia's about myself as well(hope you guys won't mind)

Dzhire Uno photo belongs to R.Morales Photography
Pow Chavez photo belongs to Jim Poblete Photography
Batas photo belongs to Aloha Board sports (Official)
Negatibo and Hearty photo belongs to Arlo Photography


  1. Good to know kso ala si krayziekyle nd cris acero banong bagsik andrew e .:) nice blog tho

  2. with all due respect to your work sir... please have a grammar consultant.