Monday, January 21, 2013

Jae Spillz

Jae Spillz

In a cut throat industry where your first hit could be your last it has bread the emcee known to many as Jae Spillz. The name Jae Spillz refering to the letter "j" as his goverment name being "Jonathan" and spillz being used as a metaphor to "rhyme spiller" givin to him in 2001 cuz of his witty word play and ability to put rhymes together in no time began rapping as early as 1996 but didnt really take off till about 2002-2003 when he made the move to the philippines for a bit over a year. From there they conquered many milestones not to many people have done. Only within 3 months of his stay with former partner Kenjhons they were able to land a offer with Universal Records under the Management of ALV. Due to circumstances the duo decided to split up with jae spillz returning to toronto and kenjhons moving foward with plans of birthing the Philippine Allstars dance crew. The music didnt stop there, on his own jae spillz kept going with his music but throughout the years it saw many bumps in the road. In 2010, jae spillz and co partner Red Brown decided to take it upon themselves to introduce the Third World Council. A diverse group of musical and media talent joined through the influence of music and visuals. Now with his team formed they range from many diffrent talents. Reggae artist , vocalists, photographers, videographers, producers, mixing engineers and so much more. Only in time will it be known where and what's in store for the Filipino Mc.. till then will just sit back and enjoy the music....

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