Monday, October 8, 2012

The Prettiest Face in Pinoy Hiphop

so last month i ask in my facebook
status who do you think is the prettiest face in Pinoy Hiphop
since ilan lang din naman ang reply's that i get 
but still every comment counts and the people have spoken :D

Mirror Mirror on the who is the top dawg of them all :D

The Godess you are seeing right know is Maria Herrera the model and the 
FHM Babe for the Month of July. But 

who would have thought that this Gorgeous and Sexy Young Lad 
is also the female emcee formerly known as 

Cypha-Sis who is a member of the all female rap group named Heaven Sent. 
It was year 1999 when Cypha-sis appeared on the independently 
produced compilation of Bomb Ass Productions entitled
Fo the Luv of It featuring fellow independent rap artist like Rapskallion, Flipjoint, Holla Fame to name a few 

and if I’m not mistaken she is the only female emcee that has a solo track on that album and the title is 
“Funk Shop”.She together with Heaven Sent was also included on the Classic Dj Arbie produced United Freestyles 

vol. I Mixtape, Then was featured on El Latino's- Young & Dangerous 
album and that is the last time we heard of Cypha-Sis and Heaven Sent. 
According on her interview aside from modeling she is currently working on an 
album but it is not clear if it’s gonna be a hip-hop/rap album. 
So lets just watch out for that album not just on Maria’s Body. -EB



Ira a.k.a Dyme is the only female member of Blanc. One under Onethedd Productions 
Known for the track "Automatic Girl" and the famous stage wrecking all star track "Warcry 2nd Revelation" by Onethedd Artists.

Did you know she's the first one who knows who i am :D 
it's not a big deal though. But this lady is not a Hot Chic but a trust worthy
lady too - PHS


we are the MUSIC inside YOU. Kejs , Aphryl & Veniice ♥

i combine that votes of every breezy girl, as i count them as one
no doubt that this ladies are beautiful, cute and charming :D 
honestly konti lang ang alam ko about Breezy Girls but 
these ladies are quite famous to younger fans :D - PHS


Bebe Riz (born on July 1, 1989 in Pasay City) is a Filipina rapper that currently resides in DasmariƱas, 
Cavite. Known for her witty punch lines and unique flow, Bebe Riz collaborates with an extensive amount of 
musicians locally and internationally. She is capable of adapting to different beats and topics and writes her 
verses accordingly. Bebe Riz is also well known for utilizing a technique coined “multi-syllable rhyming” 
which is often referred to as one of the more complex ways of rapping a verse. 
Raised in Wellington, New Zealand, Bebe Riz started rapping in 2003 after hearing a local artist. Since then, 
she has been polishing up her art in terms of flow and lyrics. In 2008, Bebe Riz set her sights on the 
international music scene and started rapping in the English language. Due to her style, flow and lyrics, she 
was instantly recognized by musicians internationally and was asked to collaborate on a number of tracks. 

These efforts then garnered her underground fame. Bebe Riz has just recently released a self-titled EP 

produced by Paro Paro Beats (New York).


(Fan Page)


Girl Power! Who says guys are the only once that can talk trash and do Fliptop Battle , well you have to see 

Lil Sisa in action. Lets see if Teacher K can break a ryme of her own with this small but lyrical hottie.


HEARTY THA BOMB has a wide variety in her music. She has steamy hot tease songs,love songs, and a whole lot in her package. HEARTY hits up the stage and the microphone 
while performing and at the same time drives the boys to their knees with her pretty hot looks.
HEARTY THA BOMB can rap & dance. 
A real skillfull artist that is certified to capture the hearts of the mass… 

boys & girls alike.


After a period of time Seven Shots shone the limelight to make way for their studies, work, and family, but still doing’ some shows on the side. And in 2002 they decided to come back and record their 2 nd album under the management of Radha (former member of KULAY) and Mike Tinsay under the record label Bigdogg Records. They also added new members to their roster, PJ Sales, a friend of Harry J. who can sing R&B and Monique Jaramillo who stood out when Seven Shots held an audition for a new girl singer, which turned out that Monique can also rap to boot.


Snapper's spectacle of her ability to merge her passions into her work.Her imagination perplexing street 
fashion and music...From Hip Hop Culture to Asian fashion,her fetish, love for fashion and music began early. 

Growing up in the city of angels Los Angeles,California. In the mid 90's she was receptive of the whole party 
scene and distinguish different crews wich portray unconventional attire,influenced by the entire westcoast 
gangsta rap music she fell in love with Hip Hop.
Queen bee of the hive. Don’t let her looks deceive you, she can bust a nut on the mic and represents the 
Oriental gee style. 

This Hip Hop heroine astound the local hip hop scene with her class and style rhyming her way to the top. She will soon ascent in the Hip Hop scene with her anticipated solo album as Official Wika's First Lady she made 
her mark on Pinoy Hip Hop. 

A Spoiled Princess in her own world..The only girl in the family..Brainchild..Mastermind..An Artist.. 

Designer..A Poet..a Achiever..

One Hood One Nation Anthem 

boss snap might be my personal favorite because i know her, 
not only she have an angelic face, a body to die for but
she also have a nice heart, very down to earth, very caring
person. -PHS


Born and bred in Cebu City, Honeyleen Concepcion – Rosaroso or 
popularly known as “Hi-C” of DiCE & k9 

MOBBSTARR feme had easily caught the ears and hearts of hip-hop & pop listeners alike. 
Her unmistakable glossy yet sultry voice helped popularize hits like 
“Itsumo”, “BestFriend” and “Shake” which became quite a college 
radio phenomenon overseas.
Hi-C ups the ante this time around as she gets ready to release her solo album aptly titled “Fountain of 

Youth”, a metaphor which represents music as the medium responsible for her seemingly timeless beauty. Having appeared twice on FHM Magazine and being the cover girl for Digital Photographer’s maiden issue, Hi-C had also branched out to different aspects of show business like modeling and acting. She has also appeared in the 
award winning indiependent movie "Tribu" directed by Jim Libiran.

Her pop-starr image, catchy hooks and undeniable acting talent may be all she needs to distill the errastic 
taste of today’s generation in terms of music and fashion


and ofcourse :D the Queen

a rapper named "Chill" made a name in the scene.. 
she first appeared on numerous Dongalo Wreckords projects.. 
before she released her self titled album in 1998 which received commercial success.. Aside from collaborating with other rappers.. Chill even did tracks with rock bands on compilations, bands album and on her second release entitled "Egomaniacal" which also featured a female rap duo namely "Misteazas" that is composed of 

"Dizzy" & "2tay" who is now a solo artist..

boss Chill (as i call her) for me is the Epitome of a Complete Femcee
she's dope, she's hot, she's the total package, that's why most 
people consider her as the queen. she sets the bar so high,
well i must admit isa rin ako sa mga tulo laway nung nunang 
beses kong narinig si Boss chill. and yes it's true :D - PHS

so there you have it guys thanks for all your comments, for me every femcee is beautiful, we could actually make a top 50 sa dami ng magagandang babae sa local hiphop :D o yeah isn't nice to love this community.


  1. Way to go Mary! Everyone is Beautiful! Great work PHS -Chill