Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wrong Use of Flag - TV Patrol

thanks Crazyflipp(TEAM PHS) for sharin this.

eto po ang aking opinion about it:

medyo matagal tagal ng issue itong Maling pagkaka gamit ko ng
flag natin, noon pa naman nung pinuna ako inamin ko na ang aking kamalian 
YES OPO IM GUILTY because i didn't know,
which means i didn't mean to disrespect our FLAG, 
the thing is that i can't repeat all those cards
(sobrang dami na kasi with comments & likes pa) 
although i CAN(change) it will take some time.

so pls understand that i didn't intend to disrespect our FLAG
as far as im concern i did use it because im proud. 
marami kaming offenders, because we're clueless
clueless because we didn't know
but we don't mean no harm.

again sorry if i did offen anyone. 


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