Wednesday, March 7, 2012

PHS top tracks 3-812

so who is who, and who makes it to PHS top tracks?
(personal choice lang po to walang over react ayt)
if you don't agree make your own TOP tracks.

i want to make this a monthly basis parang PHS top 15(19 yata ngayon 
di ko pa ginawang 20 LOL)
but without numbering system since di ko alam kung
pano ang i pupull out ang isang botohan. 

so far these are the best tracks
i've heard from the last PHS top track hangang ngayon 3-8-12

Note:(im not sure if some of the tracks are new(2012 release)
kakarinig ko lang kasi anyways 

here it goes...

ELEMENTO - Pikaso, Bebe Riz, Layzie Fu

Fallen - Q-York

Suportang Tunay by the Pinoy Hiphoppaz All-Stars

CF AT FB (Camfr0g at Facebook) - Toyi ng Beatpro, Chiaki, Teeyo

Iyak Remix - Santo feat. Kawayan

Kanton - Sunny Blaze

SKWATERVision - Santo featuring Zikk - 6ft 7ft Remix

Return Of The Phunky Juan- MC Dash

Payo - Macwun (Feat. Chiaki & Estranghero)

Mabuhay- Omar Baliw

Doble Kara - Dhzire Uhno, Cartwise, Hearty the Bomb, Negatibo

Tulak Palayo - Mic Fiendz(Rapskallion Familia)

Bol na Bol - Gab, Jwill, Sunny Blaze

Love on line - Inozent One, Luvgee, Spyker

Livin A Dream - aero. (Produced by swenexXx beatZ)

there's a download link too :-)

IKAW - Negatibo, Slick One

Freeverse - Ronwaldo

Ganun talaga - Pinoytality 

Beamer, Benz or Bentley (Skwater Mega Mix) - Skwaterhawz

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