Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jonan Aguilar

JONAN AGUILAR one of the most talented MC's, whose roots are of music royalty in the Philippines. Amongst all his siblings, I think Jonan delving into hiphop is a success outside the shadows of his dad's achievements. JA - real name no gimmicks, has been marinating in the scene for the longest of time now. You would see him mingling in clubs, rock shows, cyphering outside and just being one with the movement. Nothing had slowed him down, when you see less of him -- he's in the studio. Jonan Aguilar is probably one of few persons in hiphop who gets to tour the US, performing with his family. News is he is leaving on the 23rd to go somewhere in Europe which I bet dude will take a quick stop at Amsterdam!

Jonan as been rocking mics for a minute now, is a member of the hiphop super group Los Indios Bravoz -- who have released Kalye Musika to critical acclaim.Over the recent year that has passed, he has slowly been preparing his debut album. Throughout his performances around the metro -- we have been given glimpses of what the album is shaping up to be. I remember the first time I caught him perform a new piece from his album was in Saguijo and by god, I was blown away -- him and the Anak Band has a synergy that cannot be rivaled because of family ties. Songs like Pilipino Ka, Biktima performed with the band is just crazy. He even brought out a soprano like singing woman who gave the show added texture and showed how sure Jonan is of how he wants his music presented.

BIKTIMA - Jonan Aguilar

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