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Jehu Temelloso, formidably known as “G-Who?” is into his passion for music.
Influenced by his family by Jazz Fusion and Reggae and Hip Hop music,
he has focused on Hip Hop n RnB music and played around with
drum kits during his teens in the Gold Coast Australia.
By the time he was 14 years old, he got addicted to
Vocal Percussions (Beatboxing) and from then on
until this current day, still spits on the Mic Beatboxing
and Emceeing as well. G-who? is now currently in the Philippines
where his parents originally came from. He produces Beats and MC's
with his utmost and collaborates with other artists who loves
Music and HIP HOP in its PUREST FORM. He is Part of the group
called “Philippine Human Beatbox Alliance” where beatboxers,
nationwide has humbly created an alliance with a strong bond
from the Old School up to the New art of Beatboxing making
a Universal language for any genre of music.
He was also part of the Forerunners of Human Music
"The Akafellas" a Eight-Man Acapella group and
was one of the talents with "The Sung-its" an Acapella group
formed in GMA 7's show "Asar Talo" hosted by Edu Manzano.
Established with his Humbleness and Versatility, G-Who? is
Exclusively a “One-Off” in the workplace.

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