Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nimbus 9

Nimbusnine MC/Lyricist 09178142001 Turbulence Productions Nimbusnine just released his debut mixtape, Philippine Phenom, last May31st which has been making a buzz in the independent hip hop scene. Integral part of Turbulence Productions, an independent hip hop R&B label in the philipines which just recently bagged the Independent Hiphop Artist/s of the year at the 2nd Annual Hiphop Awards. Recently produced his own show, Philippine Phenom’ s held at HALO as his mixtape cd launch as well. With performers like Mike Swift, Nyco Maka, Cosmic Love, Los Indios Bravos, NathanJ and more. Organized The Community event, a seven-week hiphop show that saw hiphop in the philippines unite for common causes of charity, camaraderie and music. The Community will spawn two products by the end of the year, a DVD and a CD.

Photographed by Art Alera (
Edited by Me(PHS)

"N.Y. TO P.I." - Nimbus 9

"Sunny Days" - Nimbus 9

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