Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The people behind Pinoy Tuner and Soulfiesta is currently working together to help create a bigger playground for the local scene. Negotiations and brainstorming is being put together for a channel for OPM Hiphop. We are making initial uploads to create the OPM HIPHOP database and would love to have your help, send us your music - and I mean as long as you are promoting OPM music locally and even overseas. Please send us your MP3's (at least 256 Kbps) with accurate information on the following:

1. Song title
2. Artist(s)
3. Producer
4. Album it belongs to, or coming out 
on or label UNRELEASED

Please send to

You can also share/post these picture in all your blogs, social networking site - please let your artist friends know, that I am looking for my inbox to be flooded with fresh tracks soon! You have nothing to lose!

Note: sorry for the copy paste description
if you still don't get it hit 
hit the chat box and ask. :-)

but to make it simple they were looking for fresh tracks
Kahit kanino, kung astig ang track mo edi mapipili at magkakaroon ng spot!
nothing to lose anything to gain so HOLLA!!!

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