Tuesday, February 22, 2011

3rd World Girl - Aero

During those times of me searching and asking for any love song or love related song,
sir Aero surprise me and tell me he is about to give me a song. when i first listen to it i don't need 
a 2nd thought, the song is so good! every girl would love it. i love the lines and delivery of sir Aero.

"it's crazy the way your on my mind lately..." 

isa akong Turbulence fan(i can't say im a super fan) but yeah!
i love those artist from the Turbulence camp
they were full of sense, good taste of music and something you
really can be proud of, to Nimbus 9 to God's will, AMP, sir B-roc and oh yeah QUEST!!!
Something you can let your mom or sister listen to
and they were hard to ignore. 

hit the play button and have a taste of my favorite camp music!

oh did i mention MY FAVORITE CAMP??? 

YEAH!!!! :-)

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