Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Miss Ikaw - Angelo Pimpnoy

Feb is almost done, the Love month is almost over but before it ends up,
 i wanna bring back all my personal favorite tracks in EROS INFINITA albums

first syempre the EROS INFINITA vol.1 track no.2 
"Miss Ikaw" - Angelo Pimpnoy

this track is fresh when i announce the EROS INFINITA project
sir Angelo Pimpnoy cooked a new song for me to support that album
and when i first hear it PUFFF it became Coco Crunch haha kiddin.
I easily love it, sir Angelo Pimpnoy is clever, i love the beat the verse
everything fits so perfectly, and sarap kantahin kumbaga.

hit the play button and enjoy it me ayt!

I PIMP MO!!!! :-)

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