Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tagahanga - MastaGhetto ft kpeyn

still on the love month so let me share one of my personal favorite in the EROS INFINITA vol.2
sir MastaGhetto supports the group first project "PEACE the album"
and whe he told me he's about to support the EROS album im quite excited,
the first time i hear the song "Tagahanga" i easily like it, the song fit's perfect
the beat and the theme is good and the voice of Kpeyn are damn good.

may hinahangaan kaba? crush? gustong makausap?
ito ang perfect song ng isang tagahanga :-)

unang dinig ko plang nasabi ko na sa sarili ko this should be there first track
and yes Eros Infinita vol.2 first track indeed.

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