Friday, December 24, 2010

PEACE the album CD1


Peace the album cd1
01. Kapayapaan - Rapnophobia Clan
02. Anghel Sa paligid - Kopanang Kulapo ('707 Proof)
03. Kapayapaan - Angelo Pimpnoy
04. Barrio Streets - Unique Umali Ft. Louwena Umali (the entity EP)
05. Heal the world - Pikaso, D-coy, Jazze, E of K247
(So Fresh, upcoming album)
06. Hangat Maaga Pa - eAzY feat. MikeyMikeYhomen (PINOY HIPHOP COMPILATION)
07. Liwanag,pag-asa by Slipy-i
08. Kapayapaan (v.2) rixbagsik
09. Pilipino ako - Miiszsasha
10. Pagsusumikap - Microphone Fiendz
11. Anong Balita - Strazy, Pawwie, Jphee & Hydro
12. Pinoy Hiphop - JC Revelus
13. Harang - Dreh feat. Aziatik
14. D return mix - Maria Herrera
15. Pilipinas - Baticanozz
16. Mithi - mc cali1 brownchil b'rent feat curse1
17. Philippines Stand up - Chicoy feat Pikaso's (Turf City to City compilation mixtape album)
18. Goldendays - Teekaz


this is dedicated to the God ofcourse, to C&C Family, to my team PHS
(Yo Acha/BJ/Sasha/Rixbagsix/Lala/Teardrop/Jasmin), to my Contributors (Ritche adrian, Bosyo, Archie,Hamir Adler, Jmitch, Bong Shortty, Kapitan yuri, Jhake Llasus, jay Boller, Julius Elarno, Simpleng makata, J-Zoom and Cha),
to Pinoy Hiphop Superstar fans, Rapista fans, and to all the Pinoy hiphop fans. Dedicated to all pinoy hiphop artist underground or mainstream. & ofcourse to sir Kiko!!! Sir Francis M! We miss you.
i would like to thank Zas Tan Ysrael(D REal Zas) & Jecht Villanueva for giving me the idea to compile an album like this, J-zoom for giving me his poems, and for sir Madshock Santos (RAPISTA) for making the wonderful cover of this album and for always guiding me. supporting me and giving me advice. to Major Rice who always invited me to events kahit na di ko pa sya napapabigyan.
and to all the hardworking and talented artist behind this album: Rapnophobia Clan, Koponang Kulapo, Angelo Pimpnoy,sir Pikaso(Turf), D-coy(WIKA), Jazze(Turf), E of K247, eAzY & MikeyMikeYhomen(Pinoy with attitude),Slipy-i, Rixbagsik, Miiszsasha, Microphone Fiendz (Longevity Records), Strazy,PAWWIE,JPHEE & HYDRO, JC Revelus (Midwest Records), Dreh & Aziatik (Exakto Entertaiment), Maria Herrera, Baticanozz, mc cali1 brownchil b'rent & Curse1, Cola, Teekaz (8th District), sir Mike Swift(Konektado), Dudeley Jab (Laguna clan music), Masta -g, 8th messenger (Pamilia Dimagiba), Chicoy (Turf), J-myx & Bryan of PPC,joker of rollers only philippines, Cyrus, TooLate & tzoy, Don Enrico, Prime Suspect(Dongalo Wreckords) & Dello (Skwaterhauz), Verzikhulo, Rasty-m16, Rhyme and Mr Spokesman of D.O.W., Bobby'yo, Jason Haft, Shady, Bonzai One & Bry(Dongalo Wreckords)

and to those who promise to support the album like: , Asha, Target(DC Clan), Jonan Aguilar, Angel Boga(Laguna Clan music)and Cavite Most Dangerous.

this album proves that we can achieve peace, unity and make positive songs, share good vibes and make high quality pinoy hiphop music.

THANK YOU for participating and making this album possible. thank you for sharing your songs for FREE just for the love of hiphop and for one goal... PEACE!!!

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