Wednesday, January 10, 2018

2 Joints

2 joints
Bugoy na Kokoy 

Ives Presko
IVES, a young kid from the dark streets of La Union traveled his way to the bright lights of Metro Manila, carrying his baggage of passion and determination to music as well his big time Filipino Dream as a Filipino Hustler.

more info to come

track list:
Bugoy na Koykoy and Ives Presko - International 

Bugoy na Koykoy - 2 Joints Ratatat 

Bugoy na Koykoy - She Wanna Fuck feat. Ives Presko

Bugoy na Koykoy & Ives Presko - 2 Joints sa Ere

Bugoy na Koykoy & Ives Presko - 2 Joints Live In Manila 10/26/2017

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