Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Southeast Cartel

Southeast Cartel is a Tagalog/English rapping Filipino Hip Hop group formed in Toronto, Canada. Currently with 8 members, the group's ultimate goal is to solidify Filipino Hip Hop talents in a global scale.
Individually, the members made some noise in the Filipino Hip Hop community on Soundclick a few years back. Now after joining forces and forming the group together, they are back stronger than ever.
Current Members:
FRANCHIZZE (former Dos Armados)
PIPOY (Puntoz Blanko)
Southeast Cartel Music was founded by Francis ‘Franchizze’ Fabie in early 2010. The idea was to influence the community with the lyrical content and sound that would give Tagalog rap a very dominant type of impression. The organization would have a vision to take over the Filipino entertainment industry and art by pushing the ideology of ‘dope’ product through entertainment and art, and ‘cartel’ as a blueprint of its operations and business dealings. This ‘dope’ is very much founded in the Filipino culture and in Philippines, where the group is originally from. The ‘cartel’ idea on the other hand, represents how the group is organized and members are posted in areas where they are to monopolize the distribution of the ‘dope’ products that the Southeast Cartel releases.
The group perform mostly local in Toronto, but have also performed in other areas like Montreal, Canada.
The most special performance would probably be opening up for idols Gloc-9 and Parokya Ni Edgar's concert in the Kool Haus located in Toronto, Canada (2013).
Other memorable performances:
- Opening act for Loonie and Asin
- Filipinos Making Waves at Yonge & Dundas Square
- Annual Filipino Independence Day at Nathan Philips Square

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