Friday, January 28, 2011



Since it's a long weekend we gonna give you two artist for our Old Skool Fridays..First is Oblaxz...who is One of the first batch of artist on Andrew E.'s Dongalo Wreckords..They are also the first Group on the Label's Roster to release an Album entitled Bisyo Ng Demonyo that was after the Now Classic R.A.P. Compilation which was the Label's First Release..The Group became popular or known as Staple artist on DM 95.5 Drive By show which was Hosted by Andrew E. himself. but After their First Album..they part ways with Andrew E...Oblaxz released their second Album (Ang Testamento) under Concorde Records.. After that Album there were rumors that Oblaxz & Dongalo has a feud going on...the issue became a big when I.P.K. a fellow former Dongalo Artist released the K.A. Lahi Compilation..That leads to the Two Groups Own Label..Named IPK-Oblaxz Music.. which feature new rap artist..But the feud was Proven when Dongalo released the Ghetto Doggs 2 Album...were lyrical shots was fired at former Dongalo artist & K-9 Killaz (that's another story)..Oblaxz released Two More Albums (Perdegana & Forever) which still contains tracks retaliating to their former Camp...Now A new Oblaxz album is Coming Soon..which was stated on their Rap Game One Compilation. The Group's Last release Since Forever Album...Instead of waiting for their New album.. Let's Just Listen to one of their Classic Tracks..A reminiscin on Dongalo & DM 95.5 Hey Days !!! Phukk Da Joots Remix !!!


additional info's and the picture (thanks jaselle ebio)
Carl is the leader of Oblax, they were the first Dongalo soldier
he leave Dongalo camp and make other group and artist.
The group was included in the soutrack of a movie date "TRIP"
and they were nominated in awit awards.

ang testamento - oblaxz, dugong ponebre, too high, hi-jakk, gloc 9

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