Sunday, January 30, 2011

4 East Flava

4 East Flava

Thanks for viewing our page!.. One of Philippine's premier Hiphop/R&B groups; released an album in 1994 through Polycosmic Records; we did "Check Da Hood", "Saturday Night", "Funky Homosapien", "Templo", and "From Da East". Considered as one of Philippine's high-caliber rap groups, 4 East Flava made its mark on the Hiphop map through its carrier single, "CHECK DA HOOD." First an underground rap group called GANGSTA HOOD in 1993, 4 East Flava is the first Hiphop/R&B group from the Philippines that came out with a female mc! She is known as "Jug" or "Honeyluv" to her peers, and now runs Butta-Flava Entertainment. 4 East Flava performed for almost a year before signing a contract with Polycosmic Records in 1994. Their debut album, "Too Much Flava", was released in August of 1994 and immediately caught the public's attention with their hit, "Check Da Hood." Through radio, tv, clubs and especially, mobiles all over the country, "Check Da Hood" elevated the Mack, Prince, MC Shorty, Honeyluv, Dj Mec, and Dj Edge as Hip-hop artists, along with the likes of Mastaplann, Death Threat, and Legit Misfitz during that time. Along with the carrier single, "Too Much Flava" boasts songs with Rap and R&B flava which are all infectious and appealing. They went on performing in the mainstream until early 1996 while recording unreleased tracks in late '95 and early '96. From then on, until 1999, the members went on their separate ways to work and engage in other things. In mid '99, recording of Butta-Flava 1 Compilation Album began. The group no longer had its 2 Djs and 2 male rappers then, but through its leaders, Mack and Honeyluv, 4 East Flava went on and added two very talented R&B singers, Gazelle and Layzie Fu. In addition, Norman a.k.a. the Mythical Stentor also joined the group as one of its rappers. Today, the only female member, Jug Honeyluv is active in the underground and independent scene as 1/2 of the female R&B/Hip-Hop duo, BUTTA-FLAVA


"Check da Hood"

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