Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Random Interview: with Klumcee by Asha Mojica

Producer / Songwriter / Composer / Arranger / Mix Engineer / Recording Artist / Nocturnal

ano nga bang napag usapan nila ng aking partner LADY PHS na si Asha?
basa basa mga kapatid - PHS

Asha: Why do you chose your A.K.A? What does it mean?

Klumcee: When i was in high school i had the most number of shot glasses accidentally broken during our drinking sessions. Changed the clumsy spelling a bit to make it my own.

Asha: Best Describe you? In one word?

Klumcee: Schizophrenic

Asha: When and How did you get started with Hip-Hop?
            Do you think this genre will last or will people get tired of it?

KlumceeI started listening to Hiphop/Rap Music when i was 7. I started getting into Hiphop more when i did some research, i found out more about its culture and my life's story in it narrated by several different artists.

People get tired when there's no progress, when ALL talented and great artists start to halfass their works. That just might be it. It would die down for a time, until another hip hop hero rises up to save the day.

Asha: Who were your Music influences?

Klumcee: All the great musicians, famous or not (from the songwriters, producers, performers and most importantly the sound engineers!)

Asha: What Hip-Hop albums did you grow up listening to?

Klumcee: Andrew E, FrancisM (Yo, Freeman), Markie D, MastaPlann (Way of the Plann) 2pac (Me Against The World, All Eyez On Me), Cypress Hill (Temple Of Boom), Beastie Boys (ill Communication), Biggie (Life After Death), Nutty Professor Soundtrack, Judgment Night Soundtrack, The Show Soundtrack, WuTang (36 Chamber, Forever), Luniz (Operation Stackola), Outkast, Warren G. BoneThugsNHarmony (E.1999)

Asha: What would be your dream collaboration with any Rapper or Producer?

Klumcee: Kendrick Lamar and Skrillex

Asha: Since there are so many great Street Hip Hoppers, what determines who gets to the top? How              can you become a Famous Rapper?

Klumcee: Do your research and keep updated with what is happening around you, take your craft seriously, do not over complicate, do not procrastinate, patience hardwork and consistency is gold, study the classics.. repeat the process, it dont end, if you get stuck in that cycle that means you are bound for something really great.

Asha: How do you separate yourself from other artists?

Klumcee: Having my own style.

Asha: What do you usually do aside from Writing Songs, Producing Beats and being a Rapper?

Klumcee: Nothing more, that's just it. more research i guess.

Asha: Whats the difference of this generation's Music genre compare on your generation before?

Klumcee: Music from my generation when i was just a listener has changed dramatically. So many genre crossover, technicalities, digital revolution that made all these changes happen. Im happy in the current state of local hiphop or OPM as a whole, people are more aware, you cant just trick them with hype or so-called revolutionary-this-is-real-music type of shit you want to shove on everyone's throat. We have to think of how we can come up with good music that will get our message across without people getting confused. We have a voice that can influence the thinking and behaviour of people that follow us, if we really are making music to better our society, and out of love for the culture and humanity, we shouldn't be like losers instigating hatred and violence towards other artists. Instead focus that energy on making a classic musical piece that you, your followers and the whole world will be proud of.

: Which one would you choose? :

Brief or Boxers? Boxers
Coffee or Beer? Coffee
Pizza or Tacos? Pizza
Liberated or Conservative? Both
Long Hair or Short Hair? Short
Island Hopping or Bar Hopping? Island hopping
Video Games or Biking? Biking
Single or Taken? Taken
Photos or Memories? Both

Asha: Give your shoutouts

Klumcee: Shoutouts to my family, VaƱo/Mendoza massive! 
To Asha and PinoyHiphopSuperstar for this interview
To all  my friends, followers and listeners.
To all music lovers and to all  hardworking creative and crazy musicians worldwide.

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