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SO RANDOM INTERVIEW: with Mark Dexter Lau

* so again SO RANDOM interview with professionals, outside the hip hop world.
  we can't ignore them, as one day we might do business with them. Im always interested
  to models and photographers, so learn with me guys.  And i hope to not explain featuring 
  non hip hop related personalities in the future. READ. LEARN. and ENJOY

PHS: what your current profession sir?

Mark Dexter Lau: Im still a student. On my last term na, as intern sa BMLab. At the same time freelance artist din ako bilang vfx artist, cinematographer, sa freetime ko gumagawa ako ng mga fine art portraits

PHS: That means alot, ... fine art portrait? what do you mean by that?
what does vfx artist do? is this stands for visual effects?
and what course did you take?

Mark Dexter Lau: Fine art portrait. photography din sya pero difference is there is manipulation in the photograph, can be in the set or in editing.

yup vfx is visual effects some of my works
im taking up multimedia arts in asia pacific college

PHS:  Whoaaaaa... asia pacific college... salute...Whats inspires you to take multi media arts?

Mark Dexter Lau: At first tinake ko multimedia arts dahil trip ko. sa ngayon, di ko sure kung magkacount sya as inspiration, pero masaya lang ako sa ginagawa ko eh.

PHS:  So this is like photography, photo and video editing,... do you guys still do manual drawings,
i mean the traditional art?

Mark Dexter Lau: Weakness ko yon. actually yun yung naging problem ko sa multimedia arts. pinasok ko sya ng di ko alam na sobrang laking bagay pala non,eh di ako marunong magdrawing. pero yes, kasama din sa multimedia art majors yun

PHS: So that means na may mga tradtional art din pla sa multi media art, to be honest with you im a fine art student myself. but fine arts and multi media although almost the same are different as well.
ano ang pinaka forte mo?

Mark Dexter Lau: Pinakaforte ko eh cinematography, and video editing.
di ko parin sure kung anong malaking pinagkaiba ng fine arts sa traditional artists

PHS: So minimal photography?
Mark Dexter Lau: Sa output lang siguro kung sa photography nasa stage pa ako ng puro experiment, alam ko na kaya ko pumantay don sa ibang professionals, pero problem ko eh di ko pa talaga alam kung anong klase ng photography ang gusto ko.

PHS: I see, but miss jozza recommended you to me as a photographer.

Mark Dexter Lau: I can do photography naman. same lang din sya sa cinematography, difference eh hindi moving ang subject sa photography

PHS: do you have sample of your works in photography?

Mark Dexter Lau: (links given)

PHS: Do you have any certain style to what you do?

Mark Dexter Lau: Wala pa naman akong specific style pa sa ngayon kung sa photography, pag nagffreestyle editing ako madalas napapansin ko eh karamihan ng output na nagagawa ko eh dark or yung may nostalgic na feel

PHS: I see that's nice and that's a style indeed, Meron ka bang mai papayo to people who wanna try multimedia arts?

Mark Dexter Lau: Siguro. dont focus on everything. multimedia arts eh napakalawak. may 3d, 2d, photography, traditional, film, game, web, graphics at marami pa. mas magandang magfocus ka muna sa bagay na tingin mong magaling ka at kung san ka nag eenjoy. sa sarili ko kasing opinyon ang mahirap sa art eh pag mas pinipilit mo lalong pumapanget.

PHS: Tama, i have this friend who told me "you can't rush art" is there's any site that we can check about you? i mean your works, and art? so we can promote it as well?

Mark Dexter Lau: I have a vimeo and youtube account where I post my personal works, pero wala pa akong sariling site or facebook page, I am planning to make one soon.

PHS: So The only way they can look about you is your fb account?
Mark Dexter Lau: Kung works ko, i also have my vimeo and youtube account.

Mark Dexter Lau: Awit moy nandito pa. online editor ako dito. First runner up sa philpop

PHS: WOW really that's dope
Mark Dexter Lau: Babalikan mo rin ako. Online editor

Mark Dexter Lau: Tsaka samsung Kzoom Project. 3 short videos sya di ko mahanap yung link ng     iba 
gaffer ako dito and camera operator Restoerun music video competition. nagchampion kami dito against 10 schools ata including, lasalle, UP, UST, FEU, nakalimutan ko iba 

Mark Dexter Lau: Gaffer eh sa lights. tagapwesto ng lights

PHS: WOW your achievements says a lot
Mark Dexter Lau: Tsaka nasa inquirer nov. 5 issue kami sa restoerun competition

1st runner up sa PANA IMC 2013 against 25+ schools. including 3 UP schools
and another article sa inquirer web

PHS: So your active? how can you know all this competitions?

Mark Dexter Lau: Yung dalawang competitions, yung dean or adviser ang pumipili ng team para don, sa ngayon, i am part of the team who shot and will edit. Byahe ng pangaRAP by GLOC 9. tingin ko lalabas to this early october

PHS: Dami mong achievement astig! so lets rap it,

Mark Dexter Lau: And sa December may lalabas na short film, UNO starring Victor Medina. I am the cinematographer of this shortfilm ayun last

ALON (Acoustic Version/Live Recording) Performed by: Cathy Go Mike Villegas Angelo Villegas Michael Alba Live Recording at HIT Productions Sound Engineer: KC...

Mark Dexter Lau: alon accoustic session by cathy go. i am part of the team as the camera operator
and music video of kariton as a school project

position ko dito eh Director of Photography dito kasama ko sila jozza. camera operator and online editor ako dito

Mark Dexter Lau:
Kailan kaya by D7
Play Video D7-Band "KAILAN KAYA" (teaser)

Position ko dito eh cinematographer and editor

PHS: That say's alot, anyways eto ung moment mo to your give a shouts outs sir..

Mark Dexter Lau: ABMA 90's friends, BMLab co-interns and Direk J Pacena. Hive Productions Family and Sir Vlad Lima, Bloodyrhymes Production Team: Bleed, Jozza, Ator and Jamil. yun lang siguro. thank you

PHS: Thank you sir.

Mark Dexter Lau: Thank you din sir, hope to see you soon!

---* Note all pictures belongs to his personal facebook account

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