Thursday, July 10, 2014

SO RANDOM INTERVIEW: with Tiffany Towle

I remember the first time i saw this girl, i was mesmerize, i don't have the guts that night
to approach her and introduce myself, she's like related to most hiphop heads in that night
(Battle of the beats) di ko sya kilala personally but i know her through facebook
and luckily naka add din sya to my account. And i was thinking who is this girl?
not only i wanna know, i wanna meet her as well, yes i became a fan, 
and with our conversation i became more of a fan. Sino nga ba sya? What does she do? 

ma iba naman tayo let's try to meet ms. Tiffany Towle and her collections.
Below is "Elemento" by Pikazo, Layzie Fu, Bebe Riz (Turf Ent)
which includes her in the video.

ano mga napag usapan namin? read below:

PHS: How are you related to the culture, i've seen you in some events anyone connected to you?

Tiffany: Actually im connected to many. First ko nakilala sila crazymix wayback 2006 and they introduced me to 187 mobstaz di pa ganun ka sikat sila that time. But ever since then lagi na ako nagpupunta sa mga events nila. Met a lot of friends along the way kaya till now madami pa din ako kilala.

PHS: how did you became connected to sir Crazymix? do you really consider yourself hiphop?

Tiffany: Met him in cubao may rap contest kasi nun my friends introduced me to him. No I don't coz di naman ako marunong mag rap or anything related to hip hop. Im just a fan  since I was a kid mahilig na talaga ako sa mga hiphop songs, im more into old school songs.

PHS: But that still means you listen to hiphop and that makes you a part of the culture. anyways lets go out of the box and talk about your other ventures. What are you up to lately?

Tiffany: As usual business. Finding more ways to make it big. But I rested for a while & now im back in the game again.

PHS: So lets talk about that business. it's a clothing right? can you tell us more about it? saan to and what mostly it is about?

Tiffany: Yes it is! Actually its an online business that I started 3yrs ago. My first online shop was for men @swishaclothing (not active anymore) I sell shirts & hats. Then January 2012 I created my 2nd online shop @tiffanycollections which still running until now. I just post random stuff like clothes and accessories for women. Some of it are from Bangkok, Thailand. At first I thought it wouldn't last long coz its just an online shop, but I was wrong napalago ko siya and It became my bread & butter.  Then last March 1, 2014 I opened my very 1st own branch. But it didn't went well coz I had a problem with my landlady & I decided to close it down. But is all good tho, coz I'm planning to move it to other place. For now ill stick to my online shop & bazaars.

PHS: So as of the moment wala syang pwesto but the online shop is still on?
what makes you dedicated to make one? and why a sudden switch from a men shop to a ladies one.

Tiffany: Yes. For me mas okay na wala munang shop less hassle and expenses.

PHS: Kunsabagay. so can i ask where could they look at your your Tiffanycollections?

Tiffany: Well dalawa kasi kami ng ex boyfriend ko nagooperate nun so pinaubaya ko na sa kanya. I want my own kasi eh. Hehe  Here's my page and instagram account. IG: @tiffanycollections

PHS: What can we expect from the "Tifanny collections" or to you from the future?
any final words from the people who support you

Tiffany: Well i don't really brag about my plans I actually keep it to myself. Mas gusto ko kasi yung nasusurprise na lang yung mga tao. I don't say anything for them to expect from me. But one thing is for sure I will never stop being the best version of myself. By that kasama ang Tiffany Collections dun and anything that I love to do.

Tiffany: First I wanna thank my no.1 supporter our dear Lord. He's the reason why I am what I am today.My family and friends who are always there since day 1. And most of all my clients na laging sumusuporta sa TIFFANY COLLECTIONS sana po hindi kayo magsawa. Maraming salamat po! 

PHS: THANK YOU for your time.

Tiffany: Naku thank you din, its my pleasure to be part of your blog.  if there's anything i can help u with just let me know. It nice to talk to people like you.

PHS: Same to you young lady the pleasure is always mine

so what's new??? and what hot? 

so there you have it maiba naman diba? PHS is a info site, di lang puro hiphop.
featuring ladies, and extraordinary guys or movement out of the box is what i love most,
actually paminsan minsan mas gusto ko pang mag interview ng ganito syempre i expands my
knowledge about things, and having interviewed a lady with a business mind and passion
is indeed cool. -PHS

btw she's also present to these videos:


Tabi tabi po by: Dough Boy Quentiztah feat Maikill Arce of Salindiwa

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