Monday, March 17, 2014

WHERE ARE THEY NOW?: Where is Simon Bustamante

isa sa mga maituturing na beterano ng rap game ang grupong BB Clan na kabahagi rin ng super rap group na Circulo Pugantes... asan na nga ba si sir Simon? im lucky to exchange some info's with him.
and i wanna share it to you guys...

Circulo Pugantes

PHS: Can you give us a little preview of your career & things you currently up to?

Don Simon: ahm about  career?im not active in the music biz anymore,i am a full time chef saucier now,thats the term to a dude making all the sauces for the restaurant,ive been out of the country for almost 7 years now,i am now a canadian resident and in six months i might pledge as a canadian citizen well see what will happen.I still do write though,i have recorded 8 songs already just for the sake of my love for the craft and my passion for hiphop...

PHS: your best contribution to the hip hop community?

Don Simon: greatest contribution i don't know ,maybe showing how real pinoy hip hop artist are...and we became as an inspiration to others,that doesn't matter whoever you are,and what kind of status you have in life,as long as you do your thing right you'll see the glory at the end of the tunnel.and im not sure ,maybe we are part of the guys who paved the way for today's pinoy hip hop..maybe 

PHS: Any plans of coming back? or other future hip hop related project?

Don Simon: yan ok din yan plans yah making an album but dont know when yet 
as of now so busy on my job and any other engagements here im Canada i will let you know guys

PHS: Your opinion on the current state of local hiphop?

Don Simon: my answer is they doing a great job,and thankful that they are keeping the flame of pinoy hip hop...also wanna thank all of the pioneers of pinoy hip hop 

as well,for staying and keepin it rockin!!!!
much love and respect!!!!

ang isa sa mga maituturing kong classik track of BB Clan. (below)

listen :D

hope to feature more artist in this article soon.

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