Sunday, February 23, 2014

TRUE BROWN STYLE Keep it gangsta party ***EVENT pictures

so yeah below ang mga event pictures that i took,
sadly di ko natapos ang event nato so kulang ung coverage ko anyways
everybody is promoting those in the "mainstream" to the "almost there  "
and i wanna focus more on the UNDERGROUND
enjoy the rest of the pics below

V-sane somehow someway, sounds like gloc-9


OG Sacred appreciating Dzhire Uno

OG Sacred rocks the mic

SB Music do what they do best


Northside Lyricist join forces

Sypher one pumps the crowd as well

Kierzkie rocks the mic as well

OG Sabater and OG AK47

Aye crown and sir Edrex are in the house as well

Righteous One have some dope song last night
everybody like his music

Sir Razor is in the house as well

Jhayzee is the host of the everning

the Crowd


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