Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Unusual Suspects

okey so this is the first PHS article this year 2014
why unusual suspects? well i did a little survey thingy,
i ask other people(not hiphop fans) about kung sino
ang mga rap artist na naiisip nila pag naririnig ang salitang Pinoy Hiphop
ofcourse as usual ang madalas mabangit na mga pangalan ay 
Francis M, Andrew E, Gloc 9
it surprise me when people tell me about Micheal V and Mike Kosa,
and after my first question i ask them if they know D-coy or Pio Balbuena
sa mga hiphop/rap fans sila ay mga kilalang artist, mga respetado
at magagaling pero gaya ng inaasan most people don't know them.

The Unusual Suspects (Santo, Pio, Domino, Zikk, Marquiz)
yeah mga hindi nyo inaasan pero malulupit na emcee
lyricist, music producer that you should know or at least pay attention.
so check them out below:

sana wala akong typo(sakit na)
till next article...

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