Monday, September 16, 2013

Top 20 Pinoy Hiphop Underground Emcee CANCELED!!!

So... sad news, last month yata when i post about this ad, of me asking
kung sino sa tingin nyo ang top 20 underground emcees, honestly
i have some artist i have in mind but i realized that i need to cancel
this top 20 "MUNA"  

why cancel? because i realized by asking from both my accounts (hiphop fans)
that people have their own preference most of the fans ay bumabase lang sa fliptop, or sa kung
ano man ung mga napapanood nila, some voted veterans, some voted legends
i think the topic should be specific as we can't categorized same set of artist,
meron mga magagaling na talagang underground, meron mga veterans na underground,
merong mga malapit ng sumikat or almost there but still considered underground,
merong mga net rappers, battle emcees, iba iba

before we can do this i think we need to categorized things up, pero again
some people may hate the idea too, some people thinks labeling is not good
na dapat pantay pantay, yung iba naman syempre ayaw ng ganon.

so what we need is some "MASTER LIST" it's kinda like
a labeling of some sort, ayoko sanang gumawa rin ng ganon
as i think i don't have the rights to label or categorized artist
pero para lang may konting uniformity. 

anyways so sa ngayon this top 20 list is canceled.

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