Sunday, April 14, 2013


LIVE PERFORMANCE: (HIT) for me lahat ng live performances were good, i didnt  see anything wrong or anything lacking, being a fan boy na nakapakinig na ng Rap noon pa all those performances were a blast from the past, Death threat performed "Gusto kong bumaet", Urban Flow performed their hit songs as well and every artist their best hits. There are some notable performances that connects to the fans the most, ofcourse theres a crowd favorite Abra, Ron Henley with "Biglang liko", Juan thugs with "Momay", the collaboration of MC's in "True MC" track, BNK with Pow Chavez is a good one as well specially those white tuxedos Daym!!!

SPECIAL GUEST: (HIT) marami rami ring special guest like Ogie Alcasid who started nicely medyo kagulat din un, Jay-R, Young JV, Juan Thugs, and mga international artists like Ruby Ibarra, Nump Trump, Xienhow and others.

VENUE(...) the venue is cool, the venue is a big shoe to fill pero if you can make it, thats history, sadly hindi napuno ang araneta, im not so sure if people have no money, or have no faith that we can fill Araneta, or maybe since you can check everything that happens not so sure...

SUNUGAN BATTLE ROYAL(HIT) 30'k as a prize who doesn't wanna win that right, it started like rumble were in every participants were on stage, ang labanan ay by 3 or 4 for 2 rounds. Apekz won the battle and hell yeah it was a good one.

PROMOTION(HIT) i've been promoting araneta dreams since day 1 sadly i also lack at most times specially nagkaroon ng mga hussle sa schedule or pagiging online, but i think everybody who participated in this years ARANETA DREAMS do what they do in promoting this event, i hope i did better in helping them out, but i think i can do better and if theres next time i will do my very best.

FANS(MISS) sadly ill be honest im abit disappointed with fans this time, not only we didnt fill up Araneta, most fans are not so supportive, maybe because most of them are new school, maybe dahil di pa bukas ang pananaw nila sa music as a whole, some dont appreciate old school music, some dont appreciate sir Freddy Aguilar's extraordinary talent, or Greyhoundz type of music, i can blame them maybe they were not prepare for it. Kunsabagay it's a experiment by sir Mike Swift, for me it's really a good attempt, hope fans will be more musically educated, i think it's also a part of my job to educate them as well.

but just like what sir Mike Swift told us, those empty seats means a challenge,
that they should do more next time and that theres room for improvement that needs to fill.

MANILA PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA(HIT): Orchestra + Rap doesn't sounds a good combination right but IT IS! one of the good attempt in this night is to mix the Orchestra and Rap music, the way the live performances and the final Battle Royal was performed with the MPO was special in its own way.

MUSIC(HIT): ofcourse its a hit not being bias or anything, Araneta Dreams is a mix of not just Rap and Hiphop music but an OPM Music as a whole, this just proves that Pinoy Hiphop is still alive and even stronger this year. it's kinda hard to imagine Listening to Freddy Aquilar, Greyhoundz, Manila Philharmonic Orchestra in a Hiphop Night but it happened and the experiment seems a good one.

BATAS VS SWAVE SEVAH/LOONIE VS DIZASTER (HIT): Might be the biggest draw in the evening, entrance palang everybody seems to be excited kung papano babab:uyin ni batas si swave sevah and how clever and funny lines will come out with Loonies mind, this is no ordinary match for both Batas and Loonie as Swave Sevah and Dizaster are known to be as hard hitter as well.

THE PROPOSAL (HIT): Might not be hiphop related what so ever but definitely one of the biggest surprise of the evening when sir Mike Swift propose to her girlfriend Naz, the end of the show, Hell yeah make the most out of the moment and make the venue even more special. :D

sir Mike once said that this is just the first Araneta Dreams hoping and planning to make it an annual event,
the night end up with a track of sir Francis M. "Kaleidoscope World" and from here my friends.


photos belongs to Dzoi Zedroc yeah yeah

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