Sunday, November 18, 2012

Breezy Girls Meets Breezy Boys: EVENT PHOTOS

Curse one with fans taking pictures :D

Curse One


Stolen shot ko kay Ms.Janine Pooner

Venice Breezy

Critikal Uno

Negatibo, Jhayzee and others plus
yeah Jinkee Joy of Team PHS is in the house :D

Vlync x Jinkee Joy (Team PHS)

Lux Breezy x Jinkee Joy (Team PHS)

Curse one x Jinkee Joy (Team PHS)

and oh yeah i bought this one :D 
gonna listen to it this week.

i was there alone at first, 
im glad nakahabol si Jinkee Joy of my team, we didn't able to finish the event
may kanya kanya pa kasing mga lakad, i was amaze how famous they(BREEZY) were, 
they actually didn't know how am i nor have any clue what PHS is all about but i like it.

Breezy boyz and girls are indeed Pinoy Hiphop Superstars in their own right. :D

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