Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Zaito Show episode 1,2,3


i think Pinoy Hiphop needs a show such as this :-)
entertaining, funny, and informative
a Magazine type information show

***THE ZAITO SHOW*** 1st FULL Episode
A show dedicated to all HIPHOP/FLIPTOP/SUNUGAN fans across the world
Directed by: Camera Gangstaz
executive produced by KONEKTADO WORLD
art designs by : J-Hon, Fuwoywoy, Naz
for questions and inquiries write us at;

****THE ZAITO SHOW**** 2nd Full Episode
featuring Dos Por Doss News, Gloc 9, Fuwowoy of Kunebreh Movements, Radio Republic, J skeelz -EOW PINAS 2 Champion, and many more.
stay tuned for 2 episodes per month.
Directed by Camera Gangstaz
animation by Ian of Kunebreh Movements
executive produced by KONEKTADO WORLD inc

*Special thanks to, Universal records

The theme of this episode is PROGRESS. stay tuned for episode 4 where our theme is INTERNATIONAL. This one just proves how much we are evolving!
It would be a big help to us if you can help us share this. thank you

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