Monday, November 14, 2011


Venzon Odulio Malubay also known as "Abaddon" was born on 13th of october 1985 at the municipality
of navotas and raised his childhood at the city of Malabon.

A typical boy and as a member of simple family,home,school,play and friends is the nature and
explored the world without father supervision resulting of having a bit of hard headed attitude
in his first 12 of years.

By his mother guidance,Abaddon take up high school and college education,learned a lot of things,
founded his personality and also discovered his talent in making music and invested his time,money,
effort,love and life in this industry and culture so called "RAP".

Way back late 90's,he started listening and loved rap music.After a couple of years listening into
it,Abaddon tried to make some of it with his first co-rappers,sad to say he doesn't succeed.

2003,the year Abaddon meets "Huddasss"(member of rap group "Respetadong hudas" and his first mentor),
Huddasss included abaddon to their group with "playaz" and started working out together from the
underground rap scenes like contests, battles and competitions.Abaddon's First screen name was
"Ang-hell" means "Ang impyerno".But after sometimes,Abaddon learned the bible verse "Revelation 9:11"
and it's all about Abaddon.He find it interesting and unique that's why he named himself from
Ang-hell to Abaddon and formally announced his self as a "Rapper".:)

Respetadong hudas(Abaddon,Huddasss and Playaz) joined the production of "187 Mobstaz entertainment"
under Mr.Gab "Enzayne one" Malupit and started recording their music,making collaborations and
building friendships with co-rappers under 187 mobstaz.

Time past by,Abaddon produced some mixtapes titled "Batang malabon","twistero","respetadong hudas
(the album)" and "C.M.T. Connection(with kial and inocent one)".He also accomplished many rap
projects under 187 mobstaz,lot of collaboration with co-rappers,featured in many rap songs with
other rap groups all over the phillipines and some countries.

From C.M.T. Connection,with kial and inocent one,They expanded their group by adding 5 members named
"Crazymix,Flict-g,Tuglaks,Smugglaz ang Numherus" and they changed the group name into "SHOCKRA
(shockin'Rapgame)"also known as "walong sumpa".He's also a 1st batch rap artist of "Blindrhyme
production" under Mr.Denmark "Darmo Kandado" Repuyan(One of the phillipine's hip hop/rap legends).

2010,Abaddon formally joined the rap group "Malabon thugs(Tuglaks,Sparo and Kraysiz)" with huddasss
and his brother J-twist intending and focused in making a name in their own city and in the phillipine
rap industry by means of their own music.Also,The dream of having his own home recording studio comes
to life by the help of Mr Anthony "Lux breezy" Ching of Breezy boys and he named it "T.H.U.G.S. Music
(The Highest Unda'Ground Skills)".

By now,Abaddon still continuing making rap music,doing projects for those people who supports him,
helping many rappers by means of renting his studio,building good names,giving a part in the industry
by producing rap events with the help of his co-rappers and groupmates who believes him.

Recently,Abaddon make his own production that mainly based on producing great rap artists,good music
and a must see events and he called it "THUGSZILLA Production(Thug till' i die)".By putting his whole
attention into it and even though nobody know's what's next,he's hoping that "one day will come
and everything will gonna be alright".(inspiration>Shaun&Xyle)

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