Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Amazing Rap Battle KOTD: AFTERSHOCK vs ANYGMA(FLIPTOP) - World Domination 2 - Toronto Rap Battles

copy mothaf*ckin paste :-)

"Flip Top, the popular battling league from the Philippines boasting millions of views, is already 1-0 at World Domination 2. Protege's victory over Toronto veteran Diaz came as a surprise to some unfamiliar with the Filipino beast. This next release features another of Flip Top's best MCs against a Canadian monster with something to prove, as Anygma makes the trip to square off with Aftershock. One of Flip Top's founding heads, Anygma is responsible for building an hugely successful local scene alongside of an impressive battling resume which includes a victory of Dirtbag Dan. Cooksville's Aftershock, on the other hand, has been working his way up the KOTD ranks with a string of high octane performances. Which of these two will come out on top as Canada and the Philippines get ready for round 2?"

youtube post soon. 

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