Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yaniiboii Kryztyle

Marck Iann Galicia Abarintos
bday: September 29, 1991
Age: 20
bplace: Paranaque City
Genre: Hiphop/Hiphouse/Rap
Reppin: 1898 Freedom Club, 720 Hoodlumz, Noblemcees, C.MOBB

Influenced by: Mobbstarr, Rapskallion Familia, Krazykyle, Francis M., Mastaplann, PiKASO, Krook and J.O.L.O, Mobb Deep, Nas, Jin tha Emcee, Loonie

A musician since birth, Marck Iann Abarintos, also known as Kryztyle a.k.a Yaniiboii is an underground rapper and battle emcee from the southern part of manila. He started loving the culture of hiphop since the year 2003 and up to this day. He is also named as the "1898's Freestyle Soldier" by Mister C of 1898, his Mentor. He raps with attitude and Super-high self-esteem that almost anybody who wants to battle him ends up defeated. He also owns the 720 HOODLUMZ ENTERTAINMENT which is an underground recording label based here in the south. He had collaborated with some of the finest artist in the underground scene, Apple Bone of 1898/5ShotzProd/720H, Mister Consequence of 1898, Mellowkid of 1898, Tearz of 1898 and Washi Reyes a.k.a DJ Roger Luntian of iFm 93.9 to name some.

He's currently working on another project with his friend Petecracc of 720 Hoodlumz/5shotz Production/1898. Their collective will be called "Noblemcees".
He dreams of collaborating with his influences someday.


The Prince of the South (EP) - 2010
Valedictorian Speech - TBA

Sample Tracks:

Tumabi with Apple Bone

Paranaque Girls with Mellow Kid

It's Our Town with Grace Lopez

Brotha Brotha with Mister Consequence and Tearz of 1898

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